Weekly Band Profile: Engage

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Name: Engage
From: Glen Allen, Virginia
Web Site: n/a
Lifespan: 2005-2008
Genre: Power Metal
Best Release: EVERYTHING
Demo 2005
Don’t Turn Back EP
Engage was a little power metal band from Virginia, and they were amazing. I got the pleasure of seeing them once or twice, all some seemingly high school guys belting out some major tunes. When I saw them life the set was peppered with a lot of cover songs because they were a young band, but I’ll never knock a band for throwing in some Manowar covers. The band broke up in 2008 when they wanted to go a ‘different direction musically’. Engage is missed.

REVIEW: Iron Man The Cal Ripken jr Story

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Harvey Rosenfeld tells the story of Cal Ripken jr, in 281 pages we get everything from Cal growing up and playing the sport for fun as a kid to Cal Ripken jr breaking Lou Gehrig’s streak. The book even includes a great introduction by Cal Ripken sr. It’s a pretty good intro to Cal Ripken Jr but not the best book in the world. On a scale of one to ten I’d have to give this one about a four. If you’re a casual baseball fan with some time to kill you might want to check this one out but if you’re looking for the definitive story about the all-star short stop I think we’re all still waiting.

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