Tim Barry was awesome enough to play an elementary school not too long ago, the performance was never intended to be released he was just there doing his thing. apparently it was recorded, found it’s way out and around and Suburban Home Records ended up bringing us this 7″ record. Josh Small helps out Tim here with some guitar work, listening to this record really made me smile. The kids in the classroom are on here as much as Tim and everybody really seems like they’re having fun. I wish something close to this cool happened when I was in elementary school. The first is more of a Tim Barry style record, with a kid’s touch, the second side he drops a cover of “This Land Is Your Land” which I haven’t heard is fucking years. This is one of the coolest short live records ever. If Tim Barry ever decides to bring us a live album I hope it’s close to as fun as this one is, he’s a class act (pun intended!), and this record will be in heavy rotation in my turn table.

A1: Hey Lolly
A2: Shouda Oughta (Munford Style)
B: This Land Is Your Land