Weekly Band Profile: Spazz

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Name: Spazz
From: Redwood City, California
Web Site: n/a
Lifespan: 1992-2000
Genre: Power Violence
Best Release: La Revancha
s/t EP 7″
La Revancha LP 12″/CD
Funky Ass Lil’ Platter EP 1″
Tastin Spoon EP 5″
Sweatin to the oldies CD
Sweatin’ II:Deported Live Dwarf CD
Sweatin’ III:Skatin’Satan & KatonCD
Blasted In Bangkok Tape
Crush, Kill, Destroy LP 12″/CD
Discography Box Set 4xCD
The Jeb EP 7″
Floor split 7″
Rupture split 7″
Dwarf Jester Rising split 7″
C.F.D.L. split 7″
Romantic Gorilla split 12″/CD
Brutal Truth split 7″
Charles Bronson split 7″
Toast split 7″
Monster X split 7″
Hirax split 7″
Jimmie Walker split 7″
Gob split 5″
Subversion split CD
Lack Of Interest split 7″/CD
Black Army Jacket split 7″
Slobber split 7″
Opstand split 7″
25 Ta Life split 7″
Oath & Total Fury split – Live at Gilman Last Show CD-R
Spazz was arguably the most influential Power Violence of all time, active for not quite ten years and with only three members they cranked out a TON of stuff. Most of their songs consisted of short lyrics you couldn’t understand but it was fun and after hearing them you knew why it was called power violence. The band always had great intros to songs and were obvious fans of kung-fu films and wrestling they threw that stuff into their songs too. The band even did a song with Hip-Hop artist Kool Keith. They are still missed by anyone that likes this type of music.

REVIEW: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

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Michael Cera and Kat Dennings star as Nick and Nora in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. What to say about this one? Well first off, it sucked. I’m a big Michael Cera fan, but I wasn’t expecting this to be a comedy, however I was expecting a decent movie. We had a lot of problems here, least of which, but still worth mentioning is that the two main girls in here both have busted faces, that’s all there is to that. And that’s all I’m going to say about the mean superficial stuff. A lot of the problem of this movie is it takes too much ‘hip teenage’ bullshit and just crams it down your throat. Prime example on the ‘hip’ side of things right at the start of the movie. It’s cool if you see like a Dinosaur Jr. sticker in the background, however did we really need what seemed to be an eight minute close up of it? Shit like this happens a lot, seems they’re just name dropping or throwing stuff in front of your face to show you how cool they are. The movie is kinda like that girl at the mall that’s trying too hard to be cool. The other thing I really hated about this movie is it was really poorly developed. Not the story, that wasn’t so bad, but the characters, I didn’t give a fuck about any of them and therefore couldn’t really give a fuck about the movie. ‘Nick’ is just some half self absorbed kid boohooing about some fucking chick the whole time. And the two girls he’s between both seem like giant bitches, instead of only one which I imagine they were hoping for. Nora isn’t the cool new girl who Nick should be with, no, she’s just another dumb cunt playing him. The only redeemable characters in this movie are Nick’s friends, they’re alright but I had some problems with them too. The best example being when they go to drop Nick off at his car and his ex girlfriend is waiting there for him. He gets out of the van leaving Nora and goes and hangs out with his ex, the girl that everybody hates. Now I don’t know about you but if that was me and my friends, they would have just kept driving and not dropped me off, even if I wanted to go. Do you know why? Because that’s what friends do, they keep you away from dumb bitches, not just let you walk back to them while new meat is sitting in front of you, one they seemly like vs one they hate. All in all this movie was pretty fucking hard to watch, there’s other movies out there that tell the same story and do a much better job of it.

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