This book was not quite what I expected it to be but I think in the end it turned out for the better. The reason it was unexpected was because I picked it up while Ken was in the height of his WWF(E) career so I assumed it would be about his transition into wrestling and life in the WWF(E). I was however mistaken, this could have been avoided, I imagine if I’d simply read the book jacket instead of going ‘Fuck yeah, Ken Shamrock book’, but as I said, this was most likely a much better book. What this book is the world’s most dangerous man’s life up until he goes into the world of wrestling. In fact the book ends as he signs his WWF contract. It tells of Ken growing up, how he got into MMA, what that was like in the beginning and his career fights and training in that sport. The MMA stuff is really great, gives you a great inside look to the sport that’s now seems to be the most popular sport in the world. He tells of some of the techniques he used in his fights and what the world was like. It also tells the story of Ken growing up, he’s had a much rougher life than I had realized, it really makes what he’s achieved that much more amazing. Ken had a little help writing this one with Richard Hanner, and Clixtro Romias but I think the three did a great job on this, even though it’s a little on the light side with being 224 pages. I’d also like to see a followup to this, I think it would still make for a great read.

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