I like samurai’s, I like martial arts, so I had to buy this book. If there’s one thing this book is its informative, maybe a little too much. It gives you a wealth of information on samurai’s their lifestyles, weapons fighting styles and everything else, complete with picture diagrams. If there one thing this book has as a downfall is it’s somewhat hard to read, written more like a textbook than a history book sometimes you might be finding yourself fighting to get through this next chapter. But if you can push through the 464 pages that make up this bad boy, you’ll have a lot more knowledge in your brain than you had before you started reading. Written by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbook it’s not for everyone, I’d stay the hardcore Samurai/Japan lovers should be on the lookout for this one, people who just kind of like Samurai stuff might wanna go looking for something else.

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