REVIEW: Holy Dragons: The Chapters Of The III World War History Ghost – Part I

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With this band’s name, the crazy long album title and some of the song titles I was expecting some nerd power metal, I don’t think I was too far off base in that guess. We’ve got some very long songs here with very long song titles. But if you’re a power metal person you should know more or less what to expect. The guitar work on the album is really good, not mind-blowing, but some above average stuff. The first song is pretty forgettable, but not bad. The second track has some great stuff in it, but I feel it could be cut by a minute or two. The third track ‘Project A119′ is all around fucking awesome, its got everything going right for it. The next handful of songs are your average power metal songs, but they’re good. Overall it’s a pretty average metal album, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad album. It’s pretty enjoyable, metal heads may want to check it out.
1. Doomsday Angels
2. The Man Who Saved The World – Chrush Of Chrome Dome
3. Project A119
4. M.A.D. Mutual Assured Destruction – AN602 – Wind Of Hate
5. Cuban Crisis
6. F.R.A.G.I.L.E.
7. NORAD Alert
8. The Day After
9. HL7442
10. Abe Archer 83 – DEFCON 1 – Zerstorer

REVIEW: Like Bats: Look on the Bright Side

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Like Bats, they might be a new kid in town but they’re not stumbling around having a hard time making friends, they’re busy looking on the bright side. The follow-up to their self titled EP we get four new songs by the band four fast catchy punk rock songs. This 7″ is over before you know it, the songs aren’t all that short, they’re just all that good. The last song ‘Chest Pains’ is the standout hit here, least as far as I’m concerned. Like Bats, good name, great band. Traffic Street Records has this one but don’t sleep too long on it or they might be gone.

1. Look on the Bright Side
2. 3814 Wirth Road
3. Pop Tops
4. Chest Pains

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REVIEW: Candy Now: Candy Now

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Blag Dahlia, punk rock legend from the Dwarves, you might not think he has a softer side after ‘Blood Guts and Pussy’ or maybe after reading his books about doing drugs on mars but if you heard his single ‘Metrosexual Man’ you know he has more of a goofy side. Now with Candy Now we get yet another Blag. Together with Angelina Moysov Candy Now is born, more of a pop/lounge band than anything else. Some Dwarves fans might not be into it but there’s nothing bad about this album. Filled with fun, catchy songs featuring Blag and Angelina on vocals, makes for a great combo. Any fans of bubblegum rock be on the lookout for this one, its sugar sweet.
1. Everloving You
2. Alice
3. Bachelorette
4. Take Me to Your Leader [Greedy Bros Remix]
5. Waiting Here for You
6. On Your Side
7. Revolving
8. When You Were Mine
9. I Think Your Boyfriend’s Dead and I Love You
10. Do What You Wanna
11. He Who Laughs Last
12. Bitch I Love You

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REVIEW: Potential Johns: S/T

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The Potential Johns have screamed onto my radar as a great band ever since I got their split with the Chinese Telephones, ever since I’ve been a big fan. So when they dropped a new single off of Dirtnap records I jumped. A big part of the band is Jeff Burke of The Marked Men, but really, I think the Potential Johns are better than the Marked Men. The first song on here, is great, a little more Marked Men than a lot of their songs but it rules, fast catchy pop. The second song slows things way as it seems to go for more of a rock beat than a pop song, not to say it’s not laced with all the pop goodness you’d expect. At first I thought this song was the downer of the record, but after a few listens this is clearly the best song on the record, and may be among my favorite songs from the band.
1. Can I Really Not Go With You
2. Past Due

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Releases worth getting March 30, 2010

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Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction
Steven Seagal Lawman: The Complete Season One
The Protector [Blu-ray]
The Killer (DVD/Blu-Ray)


Ghostface Killah, Method Man, Raekwon, and Meth Ghost and Rae: Wu Massacre
Jedi Mind Tricks: Army of the Pharaohs: the Unholy Terror
Jawbreaker: Unfun (Reissue)

REVIEW: Weakerthans: Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre

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If you’ve ever seen the Weakerthans live before you already know how good they are live. If you haven’t you should be ready for a good performance because they are one of the most solid bands I’ve ever seen live. They John K. Samson might not run around the stage like Bruce Dickinson but I’ll be damned if this band doesn’t sound like they do on their albums. What we’ve got here is an album and a DVD of one of their shows, and it’s pretty great. They do a lot of my favorite songs on here so I was pretty happy, the video and audio recording quality is great too, no basement show VHS punk rock footage here. For those vinyl heads, don’t worry its available in CD and on a double LP, the only bad thing about the record is you don’t get the DVD with it, which I think was a mistake to do. The album cover I hear one of the members of the band painted while they were on tour which is pretty cool. I do have to mention though, I did find one thing really weird about this. Apparently the average age of a Weakerthans fan is about 14, or at least at this show judging from the audience, I was not expecting to see so many kids that look liked their waiting for their parents cars outside. Not that that has anything at all to do with the album itself. Anyway, if you like the Weakerthans you should already own this, if not, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for.

1. Everything Must Go
2. Tournament Of Hearts
3. Our Retired Explorer (Dines With Michel Foucault In Paris In 1969)
4. Night Windows
5. Reconstruction Site
6. Aside
7. Civil Twilight
8. Bigfoot
9. Plea From A Cat Named Virtute
10. The Reasons
11. Sun In An Empty Room
12. Left And Leaving
13. Wellington’s Wednesdays
14. Benediction
15. Manifest
16. One Great City!
17. This Is A Fire Door Never Leave Open
18. Virtute The Cat Explains Her Departure

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Weekly Label Profile: Boss Tuneage Records

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Name: Boss Tuneage Records
Lifespan: 1990-Current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Shutdown, The Unknown, Blocko, Doughboys, Serpico, Kid With Man Head, The Tank, The Pavers, Manifesto Jukebox, Reno Divorce, Porcelain Boys, Jettison, Pocket Genius, Rhythm Collision, G-Whiz, All Systems Go, Bonesaw Romance, Scott Reynolds, Hard-Ons, Scott Reynolds & The Steaming Beast, Big Drill Car, Drive, Heresy
Boss Tuneage is a UK based label started by Aston Stephens. They’ve had a few starts and stops over the years and they are by no means a mega giant of a label, but they’ve still got plenty of great releases under their belt. I thing I’ve always liked about them personally is giving Scott Reynolds the chance to put out a lot of great music. Currently they’re broken into two sections, Boss Tuneage Recording Company and Boss Tuneage Retro Series. The Retro series tries to stick to album reissues while the main Recording Company is the place to go to for new tunes.

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