Louis Logic is one of my favorite hip-hop artists around and this is the first CD title with all new Louis Logic material since June of 2006. There are coliborations with lots of great artists on here which make this come together as something pretty great. Just a few of the names you’ll see appearing with Louis here are Atari Blitzkrieg, Black Mask, Bo Jankans, Bugz, The Day Laborers, KAWZ, Lakai, The Let Go, Mdusu, Nocturnal Artist. Topped off with great artwork featuring a gang of penguins by Chris Sosa this is a great package of work. As always Louis Logic is on point with what he delivers musically here. This album isn’t as angry as Sin-A-Matic nor is it as chill as Misery Loves Comedy but there’s definitely a relaxed fun feel to this album that makes it great to listen to every time. If you’re a fan of Louis Logic or rap in general you can’t go wrong here.

1. Playing For Keeps
2. Right N Wrong
3. Natural Selection
4. What You Want
5. The Lone GUnners
6. Knock Knock
7. Party Crashers
8. Knock Knock Bastardface
9. The Long Way Down
10. Confinement
11. Broken Record

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