A band that’s become one of my favorite discoveries of 2009 paired up with some dudes I didn’t know of before this record. Rumspringer, this band, is just so fucking good. We only get two songs from them on this record but I’ll take just two over nothing. You think the first they have on this record is pretty good, because it is, but ‘Normal Again’ holy shit this song rules. This is exactly what Rumspringer is all about, I always want to make the comparison to Jawbreaker with this band but if they can keep it together they might leave Jawbreaker in the dust.
Sleep Like A Log is the other side of this one, these guys are new to me. But I’m already a fan, they’re a great choice for a split with Rumspringer, both bands have that pop rock punk melting pot going. ‘Broken Scale’ is pretty ass kicking, and pretty catchy for a song over four minutes. The second song disappointingly isn’t as great as the previous one, but it’s still pretty decent, it is however the weak link on this split. I’ll be looking out for some more Sleep Like a Log, hopefully this band really is as good as ‘Broken Scale’
The dynamite label from DC – Traffic Street Records is kicking ass still by putting out this record.

1. Give Me a Fucking Vowel
2. Normal Again

Sleep Like a Log
3. Broken Scale
4. The Big Monster and Me

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