Name: Boss Tuneage Records
Lifespan: 1990-Current
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: Shutdown, The Unknown, Blocko, Doughboys, Serpico, Kid With Man Head, The Tank, The Pavers, Manifesto Jukebox, Reno Divorce, Porcelain Boys, Jettison, Pocket Genius, Rhythm Collision, G-Whiz, All Systems Go, Bonesaw Romance, Scott Reynolds, Hard-Ons, Scott Reynolds & The Steaming Beast, Big Drill Car, Drive, Heresy
Boss Tuneage is a UK based label started by Aston Stephens. They’ve had a few starts and stops over the years and they are by no means a mega giant of a label, but they’ve still got plenty of great releases under their belt. I thing I’ve always liked about them personally is giving Scott Reynolds the chance to put out a lot of great music. Currently they’re broken into two sections, Boss Tuneage Recording Company and Boss Tuneage Retro Series. The Retro series tries to stick to album reissues while the main Recording Company is the place to go to for new tunes.

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