Before I talk a word about the record and the songs contained on it for this one I’ve gotta talk about the cover of this thing. This is one of my favorite covers of all time, a fucking giant mummy cat? Before I even knew who was on this record I decided I was buying it. Now onto the actual music. We’ve got two cool ass bands on here. First up is awesomely named Apocalypse Meow. Three songs, make that three really good songs. Out of the three ‘DIY Pharmacy’ takes the cake as the winner but the other two aren’t far behind. This is my first run in with the band but I’ll be keeping an eye out for more, that’s for sure. The other side has a band I know pretty well, aka I own all their shit because they rule, Rational Anthem. They only get two songs on here but that’s enough for this to display their talent with a couple of punk rock songs. The first song is pretty good but ‘717 Orange’ just might be the best song on this split, if I’m putting Rational Anthem on a mix tap this fucking song is it. No surprise here we’ve got a couple of rad bands on kick ass record (with one of the best fucking covers ever) so this has to be on a kick ass label, Traffic Street Records keeps bringing the good stuff to the masses. Empty your wallets and expand your record collections.
Apocalypse Meow
1. DIY Pharmacy
2. Spliff Burton vs. Tom Brewnansky
3. Same Sad Song
Rational Anthem
4. What Am I Doing Here?
5. 717 Orange

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