Name: Girlschool
From: London, England
Web Site:
Lifespan: 1977–present
Genre: Heavy Metal
Best Release: Play Dirty
Hit and Run
Screaming Blue Murder
Play Dirty
Running Wild
Nightmare at Maple Cross
Take a Bite
21st Anniversary: Not That Innocent
Live and More
1-2-3-4 Rock’n’Roll
Thank metal is a boys club? Always has been and always will be? Think again, Girlschool has been rocking faces off just as hard as any metal band since the 70’s. Friends with Motorhead so you know they’ve got to have some class and being from the UK 30 years ago, you most likely guessed they were one of the bands that helped metal make it’s roots take hold. Like many bands that have been around for this long they’ve had a rotating cast of members, and one death in the band (Kelly Johnson), but they’ve still managed to keep it together and have released material as recently as 2008.

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