It’s been proven that comic book movies don’t have to suck, there have actually been a hand full of great ones, a rarer phenomena still is the comic book movie that somehow turns out even better than the comic, this has only happened a couple of times and is normally something that takes place when the comic is merely alright. Kick-Ass does just this, the Kick-Ass comic was pretty good, the movie is pretty damn awesome. 117 minutes of pure comic geek fun. It stays true enough to the comic to keep most fans at bay but there are some changes, most of them for the better, a couple are kind of lame however. Mostly filled with a non-star studded cast you will recognize a few faces, but as you should probably know by now it doesn’t take big name movie stars to make a great movie. The movie much like the comic walks that line between poking fun at super heros and taking it seriously. It’s about the average man making a difference as a hero, what every kid has dreamed about. The first thing you should know about this movie is its fuck, I mean a lot of fucking fun. The second is this isn’t some watered down bullshit or kids movie, this shit is violent, I mean like missing legs, burning alive, massive bullet holes violent. If you’re a comic book fan you must go see this movie, no excuse. Go now. Oh and when you go, don’t expect to see “Kick-Ass” listed on the sign outside, this country is so backward fucking fucked up you’ll see “Kick-A” instead.

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