A couple of bands with a couple of ridiculous names. Dude Jams start things off, I fucking love the opening song, it reminds me of one of the Kid Dynamite anthems. But they don’t waste any time getting into the second song, even a little faster than the first, and twice as long, and still really fucking good. Then Too Many Daves have three song, all shorter than the previous two. All three of Too Many Daves’ songs are pretty fun, they’re really fast but they don’t really hook me. Not bad, but Dude Jams run away with this one.

1. Dude Jams: Anthemagic
2. Dude Jams: The Dunce
3. Too Many Daves: The Ballad Of Simple Jack
4. Too Many Daves: The Night The Light Went On In Chattanooga
5. Too Many Daves: Snortin’ Smurfs By The Dashboard Light