Andy Parker, P.I. was a short-lived but pretty great detective spoof show that aired on NBC. Created by Conan O’Brien and Jonathan Groff and Starring Andy Richter and Tony Hale how could this not be good? Great comedy mixed with awesome movie references and some pretty fun/good camera work and directing. Somehow it only lasting six episodes, but luckily someone was smart enough to release the complete series on DVD along with some features, because this series was so short and I’m a big fan of DVD features we’re going to take a quick look at everything here, but really, I shouldn’t have to sell you on this. I mean come on, half the episode titles are Alfred Hitchcock references.

Pilot episode: Starting out as Andy Barker, C.P.A. today is Andy’s first day as his own boss in the accounting business. Quickly he meets his business building neighbor and soon to be close friend, Simon played by Tony Hale. Simon is a huge movie buff which is obvious right off the bat, solid co-star character in my book. His failing accounting business quickly takes a weird turn when a woman walks in and asks him to find her dead husband who she thinks isn’t dead. Great starter to the series!

Fairway, My Lovely: Start things out with a golfing game, a death(murder?), and Andy gets a sectary. And the show gets a swanky intro. This episode has some of my favorite jokes of the series, compliments of Tony Hale. We’ve also got some twists and turns, a pretty fun murder mystery episode.

Three Days Of The Chicken: The restaurant near Andy’s accounting place is getting strong armed by their chicken supplier, Andy and Simon check it out. Turns out the chicken business can be deadly. As great as Andy Richter is Tony Hale really shines in this episode, fake mustaches, chase jokes, chicken jokes, maybe my second favorite episode.

Dial M For Laptop: Blackmail, a tax mixup, stolen laptop, credit card scams. This one’s a little complicated, honestly too, this might be the weakest episode in the series, but it’s still a lot of fun.

The Big No Sleep: A first-rate con-job is what gets this episode running mixed with an affair and more shiftyness. And a simple missing baby toy provides some hilariousness. This episode also shows us Simon’s giant super fucking amazing ‘Vertigo’ wall in his house, coolest fucking thing ever.

The Lady Varnishes: A woman from Andy’s friend’s past comes back to try to prove she didn’t commit a murder. There’s a real villain in this episode as old partners clash in present day. And so concludes a great show that ended before it got a chance.

Writers Class 101: 30 minutes, interview sessions about the writing on the show, enjoyable.

Going Where The Numbers Take You: 32 minutes, an interview braised documentary about the show, really good, I can see me watching this a lot.

Gag Reel: A four-minute gag reel, I think we all know what gag reels are, pretty good.

Commentaries: Commentary on every episode! Includes Jason Ensler, Jonathan Groff, Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter, Tony Hale, Nicole Randall Johnson, Gail Lerner, Clea Lewis, and Marshall Manesh. The commentaries are pretty fun, informative, they got some jokes, it seems like a fun room.

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