REVIEW: The Varsity Weirdos: Can’t Go Home

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It’s Alive Records hits us with the Varsity Weirdos full length album ‘Can’t Go Home’. It’s some pretty goddamn awesome pop punk, do yourself a favor and pick it up, there’s the standard version (which this is for) and a double CD, check em out! Now!

‘Cut Throat’ A 50’s style intro riff fits in great on this song, some catchy stuff to boot.
‘Can’t Go Home’ A bass intro, you don’t get a lot of that now a days, reminds me of a Teenage Bottlerocket song.
‘Look At The Stars’ Ramones-core at it’s best.
‘L.S.F.E.S.’ A catchy song about a girl, there maybe some drinking involved too.
‘I Hate The Phone’ Lots of Whoa’s, some power cords, I’m certain this song rules hard.
‘End World’ Not a bad song but the weakest on the album, I blame the kind of whiny vocals.
‘F.B.I.’ Injecting a little more ‘punk’ into this pop punk than some of the other stuff on here, thumbs up!
‘Disconnected’ Your standard pop punk song, but I don’t mean that as an insult at all, very enjoyable.
‘Why I Didn’t Like August ’93’ Maybe my favorite song on the album, there’s got a girl problem.
‘October’ A looooooot slower than the rest of the album, but a solid song none the less.
‘Hammer’ Second best song on the album, some kind of melodic pop going on here.
‘You Bother Me’ This song rules but I don’t like the placement on the album, I think it should have been thrown in the middle…and I’m not quite sure why, just makes me wish the album was still going now!

1. Cut Throat
2. Can’t Go Home
3. Look At The Stars
4. L.S.F.E.S.
5. I Hate The Phone
6. End World
7. F.B.I.
8. Disconnected
9. Why I Didn’t Like August ’93
10. October
11. Hammer
12. You Bother Me

Get it from It’s Alive Records HERE

Get Can’t Go Home from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels/Worthwhile Way: Split


As Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels were coming to an end they cranked out a few more songs, two of them there put on this split with Japan’s Worthwhile Way. Both bands are great, all four songs are great, buy this and enjoy!

‘The New Hamburger From McDonalds’ A long fucking song title…that makes me hungry. Much drinking involved here, this song rules all kinds of ways.
‘Fault Line’ A mellowed out slow song for us here, but glasses are being raised soon in excuses to drink. Drink to this song because it’s great too.
‘Lyon’ Starts out with what sounds like it’s going to be a Hank Williams song, but about thirty seconds in it speeds up, but still keeps that honky-tonk undertow.
‘Birds Sing’ A pretty bouncy song but still with a country twang in there somewhere, I’ll be on the lookout for more Worthwhile Way from now on.

1. The New Hamburger From McDonalds (PBT&TFA)
2. Fault Line (PBT&TFA)
3. Lyon (WW)
4. Birds Sing (WW)

Releases Worth Getting June 1, 2010

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The Wolfman
Burn Notice: Season Three
The Three Stooges Collection, Vol. 8: 1955-1959
Fierce Creatures

Doom: Doom!
Rumspringer: Empty Towers
House Boat: Processing Complaints
Dead Mechanical: Addict Rhythms

REVIEW: The Atom Age: Kill Surf City

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I first ran into The Atom Age by way of their split with the Queers, a great split, so I was looking forward to diving into the full length album, Kill Surf City out on Solidarity Recordings. First thing I have to mention here before I get into the actual album is the album cover. Best album cover of the year. A monkey in a space suit, does it get any better? I say no. Overall this is a pretty good album, there are only a few minor things I don’t care for. The main thing I’m not a big fan of is the Sax in, not all, but some of the songs. This I’m pretty sure I’m going to be in the minority on though. I think most people will be into it especially the ska kids. The album itself is solid, flows pretty well and is a pretty damn good punk rock album. I’m gonna jump around a little with the songs so try to keep up.

‘Turn It Around’ The intro on this rules, sets a good tone for the album.
‘Much Harder’ This is one of my favorite songs on the album, pretty catchy, and it has somewhat of that CA style punk that I’m a fan of.
‘One Minute To Midnight’ One of the best written songs on the album, high reply value here.
‘Rock ‘n’ Roll and Why I Preach Against It’ Starts off a little slow I think but really picks up into a pretty good song.
‘Cut and Dry’ More heavy on the CA sound, I don’t care too much for how the intro fits on this but besides that it’s pretty great.
‘No Matter What I Do’ Some catchy stuff here, you’ll learn it in no time.
‘Kill Surf City’ A little bit of a surf rock beat on it, this song rules a lot.
‘Everything I Got’ Another one of the best songs on the album this would be the song I’d throw on a sampler for the band.
‘Where To Go’ Closing it out is another great song, a slightly slower pace than most of the other song, but I wouldn’t call it a slow song.

1. Turn It Around
2. Atom Man
3. Baby Says
4. Much Harder
5. One Minute To Midnight
6. Rock ‘n’ Roll and Why I Preach Against It
7. Cut and Dry
8. Look, Watch, and Listen
9. No Matter What I Do
10. Kill Surf City
11. A.I.
12. We Become
13. Everything I Got
14. Where To Go

Get it from Asian Man Records HERE

Get Kill Surf City from Amazon HERE


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After reading Nina you realize just how much of a fucked up vile human being Blag Dahlia is. However that is, of course, the reason we all love him. For those of you that do not know this is the same Blag Dahlia of the punk band the Dwarves, and if you think the Dwarves lyrics are too tame for you a little while back Blag started a venture into book writing. His first book, Armed to the Teeth With Lipstick, was more of a seedy sci-fi detective story, but Nina takes a totally different direction. Nina is the story of a teenage girl who has no remorse and makes no apologies for her actions. There’s plenty of sex in this book, but the drugs and rock n roll is lacking. Instead you get more sex, death, and a lot of cold-bloodedness. While I did like Blag’s first book better this one does have a fucked up charm to it. Only 110 pages and short chapters (which I’m a personal fan of) you should be able to breeze through it pretty quickly then take some time to let everything you just read sink in.

Get Nina from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Unwelcome Guests / Saint Sweetheart – Split 7″

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Traffic Street Records back again, doing what they do best with another great split. This one might not quite be what you’d expect from the label it’s a little softer and not as much pop or energy as you’d think, but that by no means means you should skip over this one. Both good bands, you’ve got a very good record here.

‘Diddle’ Just a little weak here, feels a little wimpy but it’s got some sort of charm to it. I can’t even begin to hate it even a little, it’s pretty good.
‘Waiting’ Love this song, it’s in my top couple Unwelcome Guests songs. “This isn’t working, this doesn’t feel right” repeats in my head a lot.
‘Feeling Nervous’ This is a good indie song, heavy on the smooth guitar. I’d love to hear this acoustically, but this is more than adequate.
‘Yes’ This song feels like a mid-tempo rock song is trying to break out but is restrained pretty well. Parts of this almost feel like what the Strokes might sounds like if they were a lot better, and with lower vocals.

Unwelcome Guests
1. Diddle
2. Waiting

Saint Sweetheart
3. Feeling Nervous

Get Unwelcome Guests / Saint Sweetheart from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: American Gods

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So there are the old Gods, the ones we’ve heard myths and stories about for years, going back to greek mythology, ancient religions and whatever else you can think of. But now a days most people don’t care about them anymore, we have new Gods. The new Gods of today we all know but might not think of that way, TV, Radio, the Internet. So the question that we have here is what happens when the old Gods are tried of getting ignored and want to take back the glory they once had. Neil Gaiman tries to answer that here in American Gods. The story mostly centers around Shadow, who from the start is having a pretty shitty time. He’s in jail, but he’s getting out, but then his wife dies. From there it doesn’t get much better for him. Overall after I finished I basically enjoyed the book, the main problem is for most of the book nothing really happens. It’s a whole lot of small information coming to you that doesn’t have a payoff until about the last hundred pages of the book. At the end of the book it’s a pretty great payoff but it’s an uphill battle getting there. If you feel like investing some time here it will turn out pretty well but if you don’t long periods with nothing going on you might wanna look at something else.

Get American Gods from Amazon HERE

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