Opio of Hieroglyphics and Unjust from Chosen Few have teamed up for a legendary comedy film nerd’s dream. “Mark It Zero” is a Big Lebowski Tribute album. Two great guys team up to pay tribute to one of the greatest movies of all time. Now this isn’t a tribute album as in they’re covering the songs on the soundtrack or some stupid shit like that, this is more of a Big Lebowski concept album, ten tracks, coming in around twenty minutes, all Lebowski all the time! And much like Opio’s Hieroglyphics teammate has been doing, Del, this album is available for download at http://opio.bandcamp.com for a donation price. I love that concept.

‘Dios Mio’ Big Lebowski samples melded in with beats make the background for this first song, get use to it because there’s a lot of this, like on every fucking track, fucking love it. Good song too.
‘What Happens’ A sinister sounding beat with some great flow on it, great great song.
‘Yeah’ Another great one, has my favorite line of the album on it “You seen Megatron smacking up Starscream, alarming? No cause he set off the mob scene”
‘Aggression Interlude’ Twenty five seconds, a Lebowski sample.
‘Aggression’ Fuuuuuuuck this song is good, might be my favorite on the album.
‘Cannabis Club Skit’ Lebowski samples cut into a skit about buying weed, this is pretty entertaining.
‘C’mon’ Second best song on the album, more sinister beats.
‘World of Pain’ Walter starts out the song on one of his rants, great jump off point for this one. Actually a pretty damn chill song.
‘Weed Man Skit’ Walter and the dude trying to buy more weed.
‘Far Out’ I know I called it earlier but this is my favorite song on the album too. Makes me wanna go get high.

1. Dios Mio
2. What Happens
3. Yeah
4. Aggression Interlude
5. Aggression
6. Cannabis Club Skit
7. C’mon
8. World of Pain
9. Weed Man Skit
10. Far Out

Get it from Opio HERE