REVIEW: Chernobyl Kids: Demo 99

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Back in Maryland in the late 90’s there were many of punk bands, and there still are today, but Chernobyl Kids had a pretty unique sound. A punk band with a hard edge but a little bit of pop in their sound too. Started up in 1998 this is their Demo from ’99. They only had a Demo and a couple of things out and twisted into a lesser, totally different sounding band, Parkton, way too soon.

‘Intro’ Intro track, classy, thirteen seconds.
‘Clarisse McClellan Lives’ This is my favorite Chernobyl Kids song ever, it’s so damn good, and catchy. “She’s 17 and insane, but I hear those two always go together” Also I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure this is a ‘Fahrenheit 451′ reference song.
‘Sinister Icy Cold Black Hand of Death’ The hardcore side of the band comes out here, and it’s a good side.
‘Slumlord of Towson’ More fast stuff from the band, this song took a little while to grow on me back when I picked this up, but I warmed up to it quickly, it’s great.
‘The Pop Song’ Much like the title suggests, it’s a pop song. Your classic ‘song about a girl’ formula.
‘Generalization’ A little bit of a generic punk song here, its ok alright good.
‘Park Bench’ Somewhat of a folk/country riff starts this until the rock kicks in. This is a kind of  feel good, great song.
‘Disoriented’ Closing things is a speedy punk song, there’s a whoa oh at the beginning, good closer, leave you wanting more Chernobyl Kids.

1. Intro
2. Clarisse McClellan Lives
3. Sinister Icy Cold Black Hand of Death
4. Slumlord of Towson
5. The Pop Song
6. Generalization
7. Park Bench
8. Disoriented

Weekly Band Profile: Razors Edge

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Name: Razors Edge
From: Japan
Web Site:
Lifespan: 1996-Current
Genre: Punk, Skate Thrash, Thrash
Best Release: Thrashing Goes Lovely
Raw Live
Magical Raw Flyers
Thrash march
Thrash ‘em All!!
Razors Rising!!!!
Magical Jet Light
Sweet 10 Thrashers
Thrashing Goes Lovely
Sonic! Fast! Life!
Razors Edge, keeping skate thrash alive and fun. Listening to this band makes me want to chew bubble gum, eat pizza and skateboard all at the same time, and I have yet to figure out how to pull this off. If you listen to them for more than 15 minutes you will instantly be stoked about anything that happens to you! The real secret to the band is that they’re not simply a skate thrash band, I normally describe them as a pop thrash. The band will shred your face off but they’re also poppy as fuck somehow, it’s something that really has to be heard to believe how amazingly fucking awesome great it works.


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