I had previously taken a look at The Zits other two EP’s, Electrified! and Poprocks but I felt I couldn’t leave the trilogy incomplete so I had to come back to the first Zits EP, Giggle. One look at the album cover and you can tell this is going to be Weasel-riffic! While the band has continued to evolve and mature with each release after this one Giggle still stands the test of time. Acoustic guitar? Check. Pop Punk? Check. The Zits? Check!

‘I Can’t Get You Outta My Mind’ This song really sets the standard of the pop punk goodness The Zits are going to have to offer. A classic pop punk sounding song, but you know it’s something new instead of just a rehashed clone band.
‘I Wanna Date My Classmate’ Still my favorite Zits song to date, nothing better/worse than crushing over the girl in your class.
‘My Girlfriend’s A Martian’ Any song about girls from space are always welcome, especially catchy pop ones.
‘Twist My World Girl’ This one’s a little quicker than the previous couple, and about an Ice Cream girl mmmmmmmmmmm.
‘My Birthday Sucks’ Thirty nine seconds, about how Birthdays suck. This song says the truth that nobody else wants to.
‘Dreaming Up My Own Fantasy’ Closing it out, a song just over a minute, plenty of Whoa Oh’s, making an already great song better.

1. I Can’t Get You Outta My Mind
2. I Wanna Date My Classmate
3. My Girlfriend’s A Martian
4. Twist My World Girl
5. My Birthday Sucks
6. Dreaming Up My Own Fantasy

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