Stephen Egerton is best known as the guitarist of punk bands ALL and the Descendents. In the free time he’s had due to lack of these bands doing…anything, Stephen went and made an album. This one is pretty unique because Stephen Egerton does not sing, so each song features a different guest vocalist from a different band. The album came out great, musically every song is top-notch. There are a few vocals I don’t care for but even on those songs it’s not enough for me to say there’s even one bad song on this album. And while the vocals are going to be heavily talked about here, make no mistake Stephen Egerton is totally the glue that holds this album together, the man is brilliant and I think it really shows here. People get your wallets ready because we’ve got another must own album for the year.

‘Flip’ I’m not familiar with John Speck but maybe I’ll have to change that because this is a great start to the album. Pretty cool rock song.
‘Fire’s On’ I’m a big fan of Jon Snodgrass, and this doesn’t disappoint at all. Kind of a slow-paced rock song, great driving guitar through it.
‘Abundance Of Fluff’ Another guy this is my intro to, John Moreland, he sounds kind of like a tougher Chad Price to me personally, fits this project perfectly.
‘South For The Winter’ Rise Against is a band that seems to be past their prime but Tim does real well on this song, totally an “ALL” intro on this, fucking rules.
‘Funny Face’ I think it goes without saying I’m a giant ALL and Drag the River fan, a fan of Chad Price in general. I basically expected a ‘new’ ALL song out of this, while this isn’t quite it I don’t think, this wouldn’t be out-of-place on one of their albums.
‘Never Again’ This might be my favorite song on the album. I was a big Ultimate Fakebook fan, I haven’t heard anything about Bill in a very long time, he’s still totally got it. This song is fucking awesome.
‘On The Avenue’ This is a pretty good song, quick, bouncy and kind of creepy too.
‘Our Last Song’ I use to love Alkaline Trio, I think Dan has always been underrated and it was a pleasant surprise to see him on here. This is one of the weirder songs on here simply because it totally sounds like Dan is just singing for ALL, totally not a bad thing.
‘She’s Got Everything’ I think this is the song that most people are going to look to first because it has Milo, while this is a great song it’s not one of my favorites. But this is probably because I’m not a big fan of christmas so that’s totally my loss. It’s still really a great song. This would fit in with the ‘Cool To Be You era’ Descendents.
‘Cut Me Down To Size’ I was never a fan of MXPX at all so I was surprised to see myself enjoying this song as much as I do. This is one of my favorite songs on the album.
‘Sunny Disposition’ Scott Reynolds can do no wrong in my eyes. Him and Stephen were going to (still are?) doing a band called 40Engine. This song was posted on the band’s myspace so I’ve heard it many many times already, it still stands up to the test of time.
‘When They Roam’ I like Joey Cape’s solo stuff but was never into Lagwagon so I didn’t know if this was going to be good. Luckily the song is a written masterpiece, Joey is pretty good on the track too.
‘Print On Paper’ I’ve never liked Less Than Jake so this was another complete shocker. This is another song that’s just so fucking good it kind of blew me away.
‘Falling Out’ Big Drill Car rules and this is a highly enjoyable song.
‘Silencer’ Shades Apart is a great band so I was pretty surprised to be a little let down here. Still it’s a solid song, I can see this growing on me quickly.
‘Willie Wicked’ Closing it out is Abe from Wretch Like Me, I like Wretch, but I don’t like this performance. This is definitely the dud of the album, but I just can’t hate it because it’s got a great rhythm to it.

1. Flip (feat. John Speck of The Fags)
2. Fire’s On (feat. Jon Snodgrass of Drag The River/Armchair Martian)
2. Abundance Of Fluff (feat. John Moreland of Jon Moreland and the Black Gold Band)
4. South For The Winter (feat. Tim McIlrath of Rise Against)
5. Funny Face (feat. Chad Price of ALL/Drag The River)
6. Never Again (feat. Bill McShane of Ultimate Fakebook)
7. On The Avenue (feat. Jesse Cole of In Stereo/Le Fang)
8. Our Last Song (feat. Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio)
9. She’s Got Everything (feat. Milo Aukerman of The Descendents)
10. Cut Me Down To Size (feat. Mike Herrera of MXPX)
11. Sunny Disposition (feat. Scott Reynolds of ALL)
12. When They Roam (feat. Joey Cape of Lagwagon/Me First And The Gimme Gimmes)
13. Print On Paper (feat. Chris DeMakes of Less Than Jake)
14. Falling Out (feat. Frank Daly of Big Drill Car)
15. Silencer (feat. Mark Vecchiarelli of Shades Apart)
16. Willie Wicked (feat. Abe Brennan of My Name/Wretch Like Me)

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