As Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels were coming to an end they cranked out a few more songs, two of them there put on this split with Japan’s Worthwhile Way. Both bands are great, all four songs are great, buy this and enjoy!

‘The New Hamburger From McDonalds’ A long fucking song title…that makes me hungry. Much drinking involved here, this song rules all kinds of ways.
‘Fault Line’ A mellowed out slow song for us here, but glasses are being raised soon in excuses to drink. Drink to this song because it’s great too.
‘Lyon’ Starts out with what sounds like it’s going to be a Hank Williams song, but about thirty seconds in it speeds up, but still keeps that honky-tonk undertow.
‘Birds Sing’ A pretty bouncy song but still with a country twang in there somewhere, I’ll be on the lookout for more Worthwhile Way from now on.

1. The New Hamburger From McDonalds (PBT&TFA)
2. Fault Line (PBT&TFA)
3. Lyon (WW)
4. Birds Sing (WW)