REVIEW: Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

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The past couple years here there have been a flood of animated movies from both Marvel and DC, overall they turn out pretty well. Personally I think DC has a slight edge on marvel in the quality department as far as these go. Now the newest one stars DC’s top dogs, Superman and Batman in Public Enemies. Basically we’ve got Lex Luthor, evil evil man Lex somehow cons his way into being the president of the United States. Lex starts a team of super heros but Superman isn’t fulled by this kind face he’s putting on seeing how they’re arch-enemies and all. Long story short, Superman gets framed for murder and is now on the run, with help from Batman. As I mentioned before there’s been a lot of these animated comic movies coming out, most are pretty good, but this may be the best one yet. Or at the very least the best in a long time. Do yourself a favor if you’re a fan of DC, Batman, Superman or just comics in general and check this one out.

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REVIEW: Todd Congelliere: People In The Sand E.P.

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Todd Congelliere (you may know him from F.Y.P. and Toys That Kill) is here with a solo EP. Out on Ol’ Tennis Shoes records. This is about as solo as a solo recording can get, it’s mostly Todd and a guitar, there’s some other things thrown in here but you should get the idea. Very different from the bands he’s been in, but still somehow keeps that odd level of weirdness that I love. This is a great record.

‘Too Many Choices’ Too many choices in life can be confusing and overwhelming. This sums it up pretty well. The song is just Todd and a guitar.
Bottom of the Sea’ We’ve got a lot of weird added elements added in here. Playing a glass cup it sounds like? One of those slide whistle toy things? I’m just speculating here. But the guitar is definitely back. All of this comes together to make a pretty great song, about moving to the bottom of the sea.
‘People In The Sand’ This is more of a full sounding than the other songs somehow. The same formula is there, Todd, guitar, bells, a glock? But regardless this is my favorite song. It makes me want to lounge on the beach in a hammock with an alcoholic beverage in my hand.

1. Too Many Choices
2. Bottom of the Sea
3. People In The Sand

REVIEW: I Love You, Beth Cooper

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I love You, Beth Cooper is the type of stories we’ve seen thousands of times over, it’s your typical geek love story. But there are a few things that stand out, first off it isn’t just you’re typical geek love story, yes it’s got your nerdy unpopular guy crushing over the hot head cheerleader but not everything is fairytales and rainbows. This is also really fucking good, I walked into this movie expecting it to be pretty decent, but it turns out that it was hilarious, one of the best movies of this style. Another side note which I really like the loser kid in this movie doesn’t look like Leonardo fucking DiCaprio, he actually looks like your average dude, a small thing but this is one of the very few (first?) times I’ve actually seen this. So basically Denis, the school’s valedictorian stands up at his graduation speech and says all the things he’s regretted not saying, including professing his love for popular hottie, Beth Cooper. This strikes up extreme anger from her military angry boyfriend and seems to piss off quite a few other people he mentioned in his speech. Later on Beth Cooper surprisingly comes by his house for a graduation party, her boyfriend tracks her down and escape from murder ensues. So what sets this apart from your average teen love story comedy movie? Part of it is most likely from the source. The movie script and the book it was spawned from were both written by former Simpsons and Bevis and Butt-Head writer Larry Doyle. This immediately brings some class and hilarity to the whole operation which translates very well. So basically if you like hilarious movies see this, it might not look like much from the previews but it’s a hidden gem.

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Bad Sports Tour Dates

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Jun 24 2010    10:00P Beerland    Austin, TX
Jun 25 2010    8:00P Bash Riprock’s    Lubbock, Texas
Jun 26 2010    8:00P The Trainyard w/ Far Corners    Las Cruces, New Mexico, US
Jun 27 2010    8:00P The Red Room    Tuscon, Arizona, US
Jun 28 2010    8:00P Sound Kontrol    Phoenix, Arizona
Jun 29 2010    8:00P The Continental w/ Pterodacdudes, Stranger Danger    Fullerton, California
Jun 30 2010    9:00P Que Sera    Long Beach, California
Jul 1 2010    8:00P Santa Cruz show help?    Santa Cruz, California
Jul 2 2010    8:00P Harmchurch w/ Shannon & The Clams, Uzi Rash    Oakland, California
Jul 2 2010    9:00P Uzi Rash record release show, w/Bad Sports    Oakland, CA
Jul 3 2010    8:00P PISSED OFF PETE’S    San Francisco, California, US
Jul 4 2010    8:00P The Hub    Sacramento, California
Jul 5 2010    8:00P Slabtown    Portland, Oregon , US
Jul 6 2010    8:00P Funhouse    Seattle, Washington, US
Jul 6 2010    9:00P DEATH BY STEAMSHIP @ The Funhouse    Seattle, WA     Find Tickets
Jul 7 2010    8:00P The Compound    Provo, Utah , US
Jul 8 2010    8:00P Rubbish Gallery w/Dirty Dives    Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jul 9 2010    8:00P Replay Lounge    Lawrence, Kansas, US
Jul 10 2010    9:00P OKC/Norman Show Help!    OKC, OK
Jul 13 2010    8:00P Rubber Gloves    Denton, TX
Jul 23 2010    10:00P Beerland w/Bass Drum of Death, Natural Child    Austin, TX
Jul 24 2010    8:00A The Nightmare    Dallas, TX

REVIEW: The Hextalls: Kick Your Ass At Minigolf

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Who doesn’t like some Canadians that like hockey, drinking, video games and pop punk? Well if you don’t you should probably just fuck off because this is about the Hextalls. They’ve always on course for putting out great stuff and this 7″ is no exception. Out on Rally Records this four song record has a lot of great stuff, and a cover where hockey meets minigolf. Buy this record or be an asshole (the kind that no one really likes).

‘Born To Minigolf’ A warning within a song, don’t challenge the Hextalls to minigolf, because they’ll accept, and kick your ass.
‘Martin Lawrence’ He’s funny and black, he’s Martin Lawrence. While I don’t agree that Martin is better than Eddie Murphy (ok maybe if you look at Eddie’s current stuff), he is great and so is this song about him.
‘Jeff Off’ Have that guy that keeps trying to be your friend and you hate him? Apperently taht’s Jeff.
‘Ramones T-Shirt’ Widely accepted as the Hextalls best song, I can’t disagree. The story of a girl that’s a horrible person.

1. Born To Minigolf
2. Martin Lawrence
3. Jeff Off
4. Ramones T-Shirt

REVIEW: Youth in Revolt

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Youth in Revolt continues Michael Cera’s domination of the teenage indie love story movie genre. Luckily though there is more of a twist on this one which makes it an enjoyable movie, unlike some of the others. There’s also some hidden star power in here which I was pleasantly surprised by. We had Zach Galifianakis has Nick’s (Michael Cera) mom’s boyfriend, Ray Liotta as another one of her boyfriends, Steve Buscemi playing Nick’s dad, Fred Willard as his fucking weird neighbor, and as members of the family of the girl Nick loves you can spot Justin Long and M. Emmet Walsh. Basically what we’ve got here is Zach Galifianakis pisses off some sailor’s by selling them a bum car so him Nick’s mom and Nick go off for a spur of the moment vacation to escape the doom that awaits them. While away Nick falls in love with a girl but she’s got a boyfriend and before long it’s time for them to head back home. A plan is devised to have Nick move back to where the woman he loves is to do this he employees an evil alter-ego, Francois Dillinger. This plan takes him on a destructive path that includes arson, grand theft auto, manipulation, and drugging certain people. So for once movies aren’t so farfetched because the cops are after him for this list of crimes. All in all this is a pretty good movie, actually better than I expected it to be. It’s not laugh out loud hilarious but it is very enjoyable. You’ll probably want to check it out. It’s also got a few great stop motion and/or animated sequences, once at the beginning, during a road trip montage and as the credits roll, so make sure you don’t miss out on that.

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REVIEW: Beatnik Termites/Shock Treatment split

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Two old pop punk hands come together for this split on Insubordination Records. Pop Punk/Surf Rock veterans Beatnik Termites team up with pop punkers Shock Treatment for this four song split. Everything here is great and while you can find these songs on other releases it’s a great paring of the two bands.

‘Ode to Susie and Joey’ One of my top five Beatnik Termites songs. Like a punk rock Beach Boys. The song itself, the tale of Joey being an asshole and Susie being pissed off.
‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ Speaking of the Beach Boys, here’s a Beach Boys cover. If you’ve ever heard a Beach Boys song without the Beach Boys harmonies you know how weird it sounds. Aside from that, it’s a great cover.
‘Just For Me’ Catchy, fast, this meets that perfect pop punk song formula. Although I could do with a little less repeating in the song.
‘She Could Be The One’ This song is even better than their other one. Has a little more surf rock injected into it, I could do a whole album of this stuff.

1. Ode to Susie and Joey
2. Fun, Fun, Fun
3. Just For Me
4. She Could Be The One

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