The Fucking Cops is a band from Cleveland, Ohio; they’re comprised from members of Vietnam Werewolf, Sun God, Bears, and Karate for Kids – and they’re really fucking good. I can instantly see these guys getting compared to Crimpshrine a lot, and I see why someone would say that, but I’d rather listen to The Fucking Cops. Here’s seven songs, all really fucking good, make sure you check out the pop punk goodness. Like really, don’t miss out, I can’t stop listening to it! It’s got a great title and cover too. The tape was released by Big Purple Records, you can also get the digital download off the band’s bandcamp page.

‘Paycheck’ This song reminds me a lot of something like Rumspringer might do, which is probably the highest compliment I can pay a band right now. It’s got the power backing vocals, a ton of energy and it’s just a damn good written song.
‘Stained Glass Window’ Breaking into a chapel and trying to get the girl. I’m totally into the almost story-telling flow of this song. More innocent times man, takes you back!
‘Bombs’ For some reason this one reminds me of a Toys That Kill song, maybe it’s the heavily repeated ‘The bombs are falling outside my window’. It’s no surprise it’s another good song, it might have my favorite line of the album in “How am I supposed to speak my mind when I’m hight like an airplane”
‘Kansas City’ Sounds like they walked into a shitty bar with beer pong, so they rolled out, and found some place better to hang. Not only is this another great tune but support the idea ‘I still go to bars to get drunk’, makes me feel like I’m hanging out on an awesome summer night.  This is my jam along with the next tune.
‘Five Days’ ‘Workin five days a week just to pay the rent’ I imagine a lot of people know this story, it’s a tie for my favorite song on here. I definitely feel like this a lot, every time I’ve gotta miss cool shit to go to work.
‘Melatonin’ I think that Crimpshrine sound comes through in this song, but this is probably better than anything that band ever did.
‘Wrecking Ball’ There’s only one good way to end a great album, and that’s with a great song. This more than fulfills that job. At first I thought this was a weak ender (not a weak song) but after a few listens it’s the only way, and perfect way to go.

1. Paycheck
2. Stained Glass Window
3. Bombs
4. Kansas City
5. Five Days
6. Melatonin
7. Wrecking Ball