Name: Art of the Underground
Web Site:
Notable Releases/Bands: The Measure (sa), Kepi Ghoulie, The Copyrights, Sick Sick Birds, Delay, The Steinways, The Apers, Unwelcome Guests, The Jetty Boys, The Manges, Radio Faces, The Unlovables, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Potential Johns, The Ergs!, Lemuria, The Bayonettes, Mischief Brew
Art of the Underground is a label that if you don’t know you probably should. They put out a ton of pop punk but don’t just limit themselves to that. They’ve been putting out great records for years but are probably most known for their Single Series. This has been running for years and has close to 50 volumes. It will take one band, put out a single (2 songs), these are mostly done with a limited pressing of 250-350 copies.