The Unwelcome Guests are nothing if not versatile, they can go from pop to indie to country and still remain the same band. Their album Don’t Go Swimming puts this on full display for everyone, twelve tracks and there’s something for everyone. Not to mention it sports a kick ass cover, get it now on Kiss of Death.

‘Don’t Go Swimming’ The title track, and one of their more alt rock/indie tracks, sounds like something you’d get from a Pixies album. Makes for an awesome summer driving song, or just something to lounge with.
‘Might Be Broken’ Things speed up here, its like a mod pop song on speed. This is the song you throw on after a shitty day at work and just let that hell melt away.
‘Wrecking Ball’ Somewhat of an ultimate fusion, reminds me of a country band that did a pop punk song. Regardless I want this playing while I’m at the bar with a glass of whiskey.
‘Considering’ Sounds like the Parasites and Mega City Four recorded a kid. This is what I’d be spinning on those days I skip work and waste the entire day listening to music.
‘Any Other Place’ I’m not real sure what’s going on here but I like it. This song is just too good.
‘Stinger’ One note. No really.
‘Nothing Here’ A real slow one here, but not country-style, more of a slow 90’s or 60’s (I know big jump) rock song. Fuck this is what you sit around with when your drunk and thinking about your ex girlfriend that left you for that son of a bitch.
‘Na Na La La’ Some more of that mod pop sound, at first I thought we were gonna have some country thrown in but it wasn’t to be this time. Much more up beat than that last sound, I want this as my soundtrack when I’m walking around some new town.
‘Weight’ Sounds like we’ve got some total brit pop going here. It’s pretty mind blowingly good.
‘Mazie’ An acoustic song. The kind of one you just want to sit back, listen to and take it all in. It’s a good one.
‘Walking Is Tough’ Here’s that country sound I was hoping would make its way to the album. More of the ‘have fun going out and going fishing’ type of song rather than the ‘empty the whiskey bottle’, ok you can drink too.
‘Warm Soon’ A great pop rock song at the end here. This might be the best song on here, if not its in the top three easily.

1. Don’t Go Swimming
2. Might Be Broken
3. Wrecking Ball
4. Considering
5. Any Other Place
6. Stinger
7. Nothing Here
8. Na Na La La
9. Weight
10. Mazie
11. Walking Is Tough
12. Warm Soon

Get it from Kiss of Death Records HERE