Full of Fancy’s new album comes to us by way of Don Giovanni Records and I can say I think this is the best thing the band has ever done. It still keeps that pop sound that a lot of people know them but expands on some of the more rock tunes and even further sometimes. And as an added bonus, if you buy the CD not only do you get the first eleven tracks that make up the album but you also get eleven more which features songs from their split and single records. So if you don’t have some of these or if you’re just too lazy to rip your records this is a perfect chance to fill in. The extra tracks are from Their upcoming Art of the Underground Single, their split with Dead Mechanical, the Every Wall in the Parlor 7″, a Sweet Baby Jesus LP bonus track, their split with the Screaming Females and their split with the Acid Creeps. As some or most of these have been reviewed on here previously I won’t go over them again and will just focus on the album tracks. But I do feel I’ve got to say since it hasn’t come out yet make sure you get that Art of the Underground single, ‘Hermit Love’ rules and it’s got a fucking great cover of The Descendents ‘Marriage’.

‘Basement’ One of my new favorite Full of Fancy songs, that pop sound you’d expect from the group with a little more rock thrown into it.
‘He’s Mean’ Here’s a song that really shows off the band’s growth, almost a straight rock tune, but doesn’t totally abandon the band’s sound, parts of this remind me of Soule Cake.
‘Trophy’ This totally reminds me of a Donnas song, well when the Donnas were making really good music.
‘Notebook’ Fucking love the bass line and guitar work in this. Love the song too, total girl rock greatness.
‘Weather’ A super slow tune, one of my favorites on the album, I just wanna walk around barefoot in a field like a fucking hippie and listen to this song everyday.
‘Liquid Nature’ Some evil dark depressing sounds coming out of the speakers here, like a metal Nirvana but way better than you’d imagine that would sound. An all instrumental track.
‘Blue Black’ Total pop is back, somewhat, we start out that way then it drops more into that slow rock thing. A great contrast follow-up to the last song.
‘Dear Summer’ Reminds me of some of that later Descendents/Parasites pop punk, possibly the most solid song on the album.
‘A Lot Of People’s Girlfriends Are In There’ Longest title, shortest song, sounds like someone had problems getting into one of their shows, glad it was documented in song form.
‘People Die’ A quick paced bubbley rock song with some of that haunting slow-paced stuff mixed in, a great combination served up in one song.
‘Dumb is Forever’ I like this song a lot, like a slow pop song. But I don’t think I’d like it ending the album. Luckily the singles collection kicks in after this so the Full of Fancy goodness continues which is exactly what you want to happen after this song.

1. Basement
2. He’s Mean
3. Trophy
4. Notebook
5. Weather
6. Liquid Nature
7. Blue Black
8. Dear Summer
9. A Lot Of People’s Girlfriends Are In There
10. People Die
11. Dumb is Forever

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