She’s Out of My League is the story of a guy who gets a girl he really has no rights to be able to have. Basically the story of the nerd scoring the hot chick. My main beef with this movie is (and I’m fully aware of how stupid this is about to sound because it’s a movie) this is totally unbelievable. The story itself isn’t the problem its more the people playing the parts, I find it hard to believe this dude has trouble getting girls, if you’re doing this story you need to throw like Gilbert Gottfried in the main role or someone like that. But at the head of this movie we’ve got Jay Baruchel who you might recognize from Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Tropic Thunder, Knocked Up, and the brilliant show, Undeclared. Alice Eve play the role of the hot girl, and does it quite well. Besides from my one big gripe the movie is pretty good, it was pretty enjoyable, but not anything too hilarious. Writers John Morris and Sean Anders also did Hot Tub Time Machine, which was honestly a way funnier movie but this did have its moments. The best part of this may be towards the end of the movie so you’ll wanna stick around till the end. I wouldn’t say this is a run out and see it right now type of movie, but if you’re sitting around one day and have nothing to do, it’s something that would be pretty good to check out then.

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