In 2001 twelve Japanese bands came together to pay tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time, ALL! in CD format. Most of these bands I was unfamiliar with before this CD but be assured I was seeking them out after. This is one of the best tribute albums I’ve ever heard in my life, and that’s not just because I like ALL a lot.

‘Crazy’ Great version of the song, the music is almost right on. Super fun.
‘Sex In The Way’ One of my favorite covers on this, brings new life to this already great song.
‘Long Distance’ I was never a fan of Beat Crusaders, but this rules. Normally I even hate the electronic keyboard beats like that are in here but somehow it’s ok here.
‘She’s My Ex’ My favorite ALL song and I’m a big fan of NoShow so I had super high standards for this one. NoShow is in top form here, they take this song and run with it, fucking super solid cover!
‘Minute’ Another true to form cover here, I’m lovin this!
‘Birthday I.O.U.’ The vocals throw you off a little here, the lowest on the album so far, but that’s by no means bad, Husking Bee rules, as does this song!
‘Original Me’ An a capella intro, is not what I expected, but it’s great. However that’s just the intro, the Original Me we all know kicks in quickly after. This is another one of the best ones on here.
‘Breakin Up’ A slow starter, the first time I was really worried we might have a bad one. Especially fearful because this is my second favorite ALL song, but luckily the trend of this being an awesome CD continues here! I could have done with a change to the start and finish though.
‘Can’t Say’ This might be my favorite cover on here. Water Closet coming in with some female vocals, and there’s something great about a girl saying “You said fuck you, I wish that I could”
‘Mary’ Diverting far far away from the punk style we’ve had so far is Captain Hedge Hog which gives us a tropical rendition of Mary. And it really fucking works. I can totally see myself sitting beach side in a hammock with a mixed drink listening to this.
‘Simple Things’ A relaxed rock version, fits this song perfectly, fucking awesome.
‘Pretty Little Girl’ This song took a little while to grow on me, starts out with a bad harmonica, but then it gets into a decent rock rendition. Far from the best on here.

1. Crazy – Tropical Gorilla
2. Sex In The Way – Disgusteens
3. Long Distance – Beat Crusaders
4. She’s My Ex – NoShow
5. Minute – Short Circuit
6. Birthday IOU – Husking Bee
7. Original Me – Thumb
8. Breakin Up – one/more/mile
9. Can’t Say – Water Closet
10. Mary – Captain Hedge Hog
11. Simple Things – Lo-Lite
12. Pretty Little Girl – Fun Side