In 2005 we got Billy Idol’s first album since 1993’s Cyberpunk, it was Devil’s Playground. Unfortunately there hasn’t been an album since then, I say this because this album is fucking great. Just how good is it? It totally turned my stance around on Billy Idol, I was one of those rare people who didn’t like Billy Idol, or rather I think I liked one song, after this album, a complete turn around. If you don’t own this album, you should, Idol fan or not.

‘Super Overdrive’ Immediately you know things are different, and better. Rock guitar with some pop vocals, this song totally rules everything.
‘World Comin’ Down’ Another pop song, this is some insane bouncy stuff about how everything sucks.
‘Rat Race’ Slowing things waaaaaaaay down here, acoustic guitar in hand until about a minute in and you know it’s Billy Idol with a scream and some rock to back him up. Then it slows down again, this song almost has turrets.
‘Sherri’ Another pop tune, this walks that fence towards some pop punk.
‘Plastic Jesus’ This is the best Billy Idol song ever written. If you haven’t heard this song go find it right now. Also this is one of the best videos ever, if you haven’t seen it youtube that right now, it’s got Jesus rocking out on guitar. The song of a Plastic Jesus that sits on the dash of your car, it does everything from listen to you swear at other cars to hiding your booze like a flask.
‘Scream’ At first I didn’t like this song because it’s the classic sounding Billy Idol, since I’ve grown to like it a lot, badass.
‘Yellin’ At The Xmas Tree’ Normally I hate holiday songs, but this one is pretty funny.
‘Romeo’s Waiting’ Billy Idol remembers where he comes from, this is totally an 80’s song.
‘Body Snatcher’ Great name, evil laugh at the beginning, some rocking guitars, greatness.
‘Evil Eye’ A dark slithering song, like a snake’s theme. Almost reminds me of a Alice Cooper song.
‘Lady Do or Die’ Billy Idol does a country song, and it is good! I’d like more.
‘Cherie’ A song about a girl.
‘Summer Running’ Billy woo’s the ladies armed with an acoustic guitar. Until for some reason he gets tired of that almost three minutes in and throws in some techno shit.

1. Super Overdrive
2. World Comin’ Down
3. Rat Race
4. Sherri
5. Plastic Jesus
6. Scream
7. Yellin’ At The Xmas Tree
8. Romeo’s Waiting
9. Body Snatcher
10. Evil Eye
11. Lady Do or Die
12. Cherie
13. Summer Running

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