REVIEW: No Friends: Traditional Failures

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Tony, Richard, Alex and Sam from such bands as Municipal Waste, New Mexican Disaster Squad, None More Black, Gatorface, and Virgins come together to form No Friends. 80’s hardcore that will fill you’re Dag Nasty, Minor threat, Adolescents, Black Flag needs in 2010. While the band features veteran members from various bands No Friends definitely carves its own sound out here. Admittedly I wasn’t feeling their album which was released last year but I’m glad I gave them another chance. ‘Traditional Failures’ comes by way of Kiss Of Death Records and totally kicks ass. Just shy of nine minutes these six songs are high enjoyment of 80’s punk rock fans.

‘A Look Ahead’ My favorite song right out of the gate, everything I like about this band summed up in a minute and nineteen seconds. Raging fast, angry punk rock.
‘Letter Of Apology’ Heavy riffs lead us further down the No Friends path, it’s got a pretty wicked breakdown towards the end too.
‘Permanent Black Eye’ More of a west coast sounding song, I can see the circle pit forming now!
‘Armed To The Teeth’ This is just good fucking fun here, my second favorite song on the EP, they’d better be playing this when I get to see the band.
‘Control Freaks’ The Dag Nasty oozes out of this song, well not oozes more runs down hill at an accelerated rate ready to crash into and topple buildings in hit’s wake.
‘Traditional Failures’ I think this song combines the Dag Nasty/Minor threat/Black Flag sound all at once better than I think I’ve ever heard.

1. A Look Ahead
2. Letter Of Apology
3. Permanent Black Eye
4. Armed To The Teeth
5. Control Freaks
6. Traditional Failures

REVIEW: The Zits: Surfing Holiday

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The Zits are back, this time with a single instead of an EP, grab you’re surfboard and head to the beach because keeping up with the non-repeating sound they’ve got some surf rock instead of pop punk this time around. Even with a more drastic sound change than before it’s still some top quality stuff here, there aren’t a ton of bands still pumping out the surf now a days so I’m glad to still see it pop up every once in a while, especially when it’s good like this. It’s August, it’s still summer, put the shades on and enjoy it before the cold comes to town.

‘Surf Zombies Must Die’ What’s good surf rock without at least one instrumental track? Here’s that token surf instrumental, with some zombie thrown in (hence the title). I approve. (also I’d totally go see a surf zombie movie)
‘Surfing Holiday’ One of my favorite things about surf songs is it’s always upbeat and happy, no exception here. A quick-moving catchy song about it being awesome outside, makes me wanna hit the beach. There’s also some rad guitar band background vocal work in here.

1. Surf Zombies Must Die
2. Surfing Holiday

Get it from The Zits HERE

Copyrights Fall Tour

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9/4, RLB Cultural Center-Round Lake Beach,IL
9/10, Southgate House-Cincinnati, OH
9/11, Crooked I-Eerie, PA
9/14, Met Cafe-Pawtucket, RI
9/15, Ginos Rock Club-Portland ME
9/16, L’ Agitee-Quebec City, QC
9/17, Les Foufounes Electriques-Montreal,QC
9/18, Opera House (w/ Sick Of It All)- Toronto, ON
9/19, Moon Over Marin-London, ON
9/21, Jewish Mother-Virginia Beach, VA
9/22, DC9- Washington DC
9/23, North Star Bar- Philadelphia, PA
9/24, Asbury Lanes-Asbury Park, NJ
9/25, Santo’s Party House- Manhattan NY
9/26, Harpers Ferry-Allston, MA
9/28, Smiling Moose-Pittsburgh, PA
9/29, Cafe Boubon Street-Columbus, OH
10/1, Gatsbys-Carbondale,IL

REVIEW: Night Birds: s/t 7″

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The debut 7″ of New Jersey’s Night Birds is here from Grave Mistake Records. For those of you that haven’t heard the Night Birds think something along the lines of if The Adolescents were still a hardcore punk band, but then decided they really liked the beach and started doing surf rock. Five songs on this thing clocking in at just under nine minutes, this record is pretty good but honestly cannot compare with the band’s live performance. If you get a chance to see them, take it because they are killer live. The first time I heard this record I wasn’t too into it but after seeing the band I was totally hooked.

‘Prognosis:Negative’ A surf riff that’ll make think you’re in Pulp Fiction, then the angry vocals kick in and you’re introduced to the unique sound of Night Birds. One of my favorite songs on the record too.
‘Thrilling Murder’ This song actually reminds me a lot of a Psyched to Die song, fucking love this shit, I think it’s my favorite track. Hardcore song layed on top of the surf background. Yay Murder!
‘Unanswerable’ Things just get angrier and angrier, here’s Unanswerable complete with some shredding.
‘The Gift Givers’ Things lighten up a little bit here, but we’re still pissed off and at the beach.
‘Harbor Rats’ Closing things out is the obligatory surf instrumental. A straight up classic surf rock tune.

1. Prognosis:Negative
2. Thrilling Murder
3. Unanswerable
4. The Gift Givers
5. Harbor Rats

Releases Worth Getting August 31, 2010

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First a note, last week there were two great releases I missed. And I want to apologize for missing these and a lot of ‘punk’ releases actually. It’s kind of hard to keep up with them a lot of times because they’re so spread out and normally don’t adhear to a ‘release date’ so my bad. Anyway go buy these:
Dead Mechanical: Addict Rhythms LP
Grabass Charlestons/ Toys That Kill Split LP

Sons of Anarchy: Season Two

The Transgressions Tour Dates

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Aug 27 2010    8:00P The Mill w/ Kevin Seconds    Iowa City, Iowa
Aug 28 2010    8:00P Denny’s Basement w/ Teenage Rehab    St Louis, MO
Aug 29 2010    8:00P Bad Grannies Bazaar    Oklahoma City, OK
Aug 30 2010    8:00P Fort Compliance    Fort Worth, TX
Aug 31 2010    8:00P Trailer Space    Austin, Texas
Sep 1 2010    8:00P The Trainyard    Las Cruces, NM
Sep 2 2010    8:00P The Rouge    Scottsdale, AZ
Sep 3 2010    12:30A Awesome Fest    San Diego, CA
Sep 4 2010    5:00P Awesome Fest    San Diego, CA
Sep 5 2010    2:30P Awesome Fest    San Diego, CA
Sep 6 2010    8:00P Mansion Party!    Poway, CA
Sep 7 2010    8:00P fear and loathing: a night off    Las Vegas, NV
Sep 8 2010    9:00P The Woodshed    Salt Lake City, Utah
Sep 9 2010    8:00P Surfside 7    Fort Collins, Colorado
Sep 10 2010    8:00P Ames progressive    ames, Iowa
Sep 11 2010    8:00P Beat Kitchen    Chicago, IL
Sep 23 2010    7:00P GETBENTpress w/ Star Fucking Hipsters    madison, wi
Sep 24 2010    9:00P Hexagon w/ Stymie    Minneapolis, MN
Sep 25 2010    8:00P BFG w/ Stymie    Appleton, WI
Sep 26 2010    3:00P Willy Street Fair    Madison, WI
Sep 26 2010    8:00P Ground Zero w/ Stymie    Milwaukee, WI

Read more:

Keep checking with the band for updates!

REVIEW: The Runaways

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The Runaways, a movie that tells the story of the band of the same name, ne of the first all girl rock bands. Started by Joan Jett and Sandy West with producer Kim Fowley. The band consisted of Sandy West, Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie, and many bassists. Most of the band is just glossed over the entire movie, you see Sandy when she meets Joan and Lita when the band has an argument besides that they’re basically extras. The movie pretty much centers around Joan Jett played by Kristen Stewart and Cherie Currie played by Dakota Fanning and Kim Fowley played by Michael Shannon. Overall the movie was ok, the first half of the movie is pretty great. The band forming, making it, and the early days of touring. But as it goes in it goes down hill. The second half of the movie pretty much drags on, yet someone feels rushed at the same time, totally skipping years. I really think they could have fleshed out the post breakup of the band and Joan’s solo career, but that might have been a bit much for a movie about the Runaways, and no just Joan Jett, however at the very lest they could have made the band’s life more robust. The movie isn’t very long to start with, just an hour and forty five minutes, adding another twenty or thirty minutes to cover a few missing years could have made a huge difference. Because of the lack of part of the movie the whole thing really suffers. As far as the acting, I was actually pretty surprised. I’m really not a fan of anyone in the movie but that didn’t stick out as badly as I thought it would. Fans of the band will most likely enjoy this movie for what it is, but I think people who don’t know the band might be bored with this one especially when it gets to the sluggish second half.

Get The Runaways from Amazon HERE

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