Profane Existence Records offers up the first new studio recordings of the metal punkers Amebix. These three songs are actually re-recordings of some classic Amebix tunes by the current line up, Rob, Chris and Roy. The LP also comes with a pretty fucking sweet Amebix patch and a card for the digital download, the digital download includes a bonus track to preview the band’s upcoming live album and DVD. The tracks are definitely way cleaner than they use to be, which makes it lose a lot of that raw sound. Personally I think that’s a giant mistake. It still sounds badass, maybe even more metal than they use to but it loses a lot of that raw animal energy. ‘Winter’ Does a better job of retaining that raw energy than ‘Arise’ does on here but still suffers from the same problem. ‘Chain Reaction’ sounds very very black metal, it’s evil as fuck! Over all this is great but I’d say this is more of a big fan purchase. Any die hard Amebix fan will want to have this, and rightfully so, but I don’t think the casual fans will really see the appeal in this, unless they hate the production on the originals.

1. Arise
2. Winter
3. Chain Reaction
4. Progress

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