The Runaways, a movie that tells the story of the band of the same name, ne of the first all girl rock bands. Started by Joan Jett and Sandy West with producer Kim Fowley. The band consisted of Sandy West, Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Cherie Currie, and many bassists. Most of the band is just glossed over the entire movie, you see Sandy when she meets Joan and Lita when the band has an argument besides that they’re basically extras. The movie pretty much centers around Joan Jett played by Kristen Stewart and Cherie Currie played by Dakota Fanning and Kim Fowley played by Michael Shannon. Overall the movie was ok, the first half of the movie is pretty great. The band forming, making it, and the early days of touring. But as it goes in it goes down hill. The second half of the movie pretty much drags on, yet someone feels rushed at the same time, totally skipping years. I really think they could have fleshed out the post breakup of the band and Joan’s solo career, but that might have been a bit much for a movie about the Runaways, and no just Joan Jett, however at the very lest they could have made the band’s life more robust. The movie isn’t very long to start with, just an hour and forty five minutes, adding another twenty or thirty minutes to cover a few missing years could have made a huge difference. Because of the lack of part of the movie the whole thing really suffers. As far as the acting, I was actually pretty surprised. I’m really not a fan of anyone in the movie but that didn’t stick out as badly as I thought it would. Fans of the band will most likely enjoy this movie for what it is, but I think people who don’t know the band might be bored with this one especially when it gets to the sluggish second half.

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