The Zits are back, this time with a single instead of an EP, grab you’re surfboard and head to the beach because keeping up with the non-repeating sound they’ve got some surf rock instead of pop punk this time around. Even with a more drastic sound change than before it’s still some top quality stuff here, there aren’t a ton of bands still pumping out the surf now a days so I’m glad to still see it pop up every once in a while, especially when it’s good like this. It’s August, it’s still summer, put the shades on and enjoy it before the cold comes to town.

‘Surf Zombies Must Die’ What’s good surf rock without at least one instrumental track? Here’s that token surf instrumental, with some zombie thrown in (hence the title). I approve. (also I’d totally go see a surf zombie movie)
‘Surfing Holiday’ One of my favorite things about surf songs is it’s always upbeat and happy, no exception here. A quick-moving catchy song about it being awesome outside, makes me wanna hit the beach. There’s also some rad guitar band background vocal work in here.

1. Surf Zombies Must Die
2. Surfing Holiday

Get it from The Zits HERE

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