Review: Superchunk: Majesty Shredding

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Not long ago I started to get into Superchunk, it took a revisit, years ago I heard them and thought they were OK. The past six months or so I’ve been realizing that most of this stuff is actually pretty great, well I had pretty good timing, I got into it in time to appreciate the new single that came out not long ago and now the brand new album, out on Merge Records. Listening to it I start thinking ‘this is good’, ‘hey this is pretty good’, ‘damn this shit is really fucking good’. Right now I’m listening to the album and I’m so glad I went back to give them another try, this album is pretty fucking awesome. This is everything I want out of a punk rock pop album and more. It’s catchy, pleasant to listen to, poppy, depressing, soothing, it’s got it all! Things just got a lot more complicated in picking the top ten list of the year because this just made it for sure.

01. Digging for Something
02. My Gap Feels Weird
03. Rosemarie
04. Crossed Wires
05. Slow Drip
06. Fractures in Plaster
07. Learned to Surf
08. Winter Games
09. Rope Light
10. Hot Tubes
11. Everything at Once

Get Majesty Shredding from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Macnuggits: F


Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club bring to the world the first new album in 10 years from Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children Macnuggits. The album is simply called F. Weird, strange, fun folk punk rock songs is what you’ll get out of this, thirteen of em to be exact. I’d never heard the band before this and was very pleasantly surprised when I popped this album in, right from the start you can tell this is some damn good stuff here. And the best part? It stays that way, there’s no down point where the album kind of sucks, start to finish this is a fun listen. If you like fun, sometimes bordering on offence, folk music, this is right up your alley.

‘The Crazy’ On the surface sounds like your average nice folk song. Then you hear the lyrics, and you realize this isn’t your average song. Sounds like a good guy to have around during a zombie invasion.
‘Pac-Man & Pop Tarts’ Vocally this sounds like a horror punk song. Lyrically is kind of sounds like one too.
‘The Only Difference’ This has like a 50’s high school dance feel to it. However it’s more lyrics that are sadistic, being kidnapped and murdered never sounded so fun. It even ends with a Happy Days “Sit on it”
‘Poly’ Pay attention to this song, you might learn something.
‘Sandwhiches & Ammunition’ An anthem for running from the law.
‘Jornaderos’ There’s a lot of wacky shit said on this album but I have a feeling people who complain about everything would get more up in arms about this more than any other, a song about mexicans.
‘Lake of Flies’ This might be the most dark and brooding song on the album, it’s so goddamn awesome.
‘Waking Up Is Hard To Do’ You think you’re a heavy sleeper? Just listen to this.
‘Sweet Shit of Christ’ A gospel, maybe one that ain’t quite right but who’s counting.
‘Postcards From Inferno (See You In Hell)’ Almost sounds like a hair metal anthem, but more fun and all around better. It’s really catchy too. About half way through it starts into more of a skit that’s pretty entertaining.
‘Real Cool’ I think this is the goofyest song on the album, just waiting until you can make fun of someone, here’s your song.
‘Time is Crawling’ Some evil lucifer type shit here. It’s like Danzig, if he weren’t so damn serious about everything.
‘Life is Excellent’ Closing it out is actually my favorite song on here. It’s such a happy tune yet everything is so horrible.

1. The Crazy
2. Pac-Man & Pop Tarts
3. The Only Difference
4. Poly
5. Sandwhiches & Ammunition
6. Jornaderos
7. Lake of Flies
8. Waking Up Is Hard To Do
9. Sweet Shit of Christ
10. Postcards From Inferno (See You In Hell)
11. Real Cool
12. Time is Crawling
13. Life is Excellent

Get it from Silver Sprocket Records HERE

Get F from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Night Birds: Midnight Movies

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Night Birds come at us with an all new, still badass 7″, this time called Midnight Movies and coming to us from Richmond’s No Way Records. We get four shredding hardcore surf songs that are easily the band’s best to date. I’ve listened to this thing over and over about ten times in a row in one sitting. The whole record is movie themed, and the B side of the record is dedicated to the awesome Frank Henenlotter. The man who brought us such classics as the Basket Case series, Brain Damage and Bad Biology. The band even goes as far as to pose with the prop star of the Basket Case movies for the back cover of the 7″. The front cover is about as awesome, it’s done by controversial cartoonist Mike Diana, and it’s pretty fucking sick, I love it. If you like the Night Birds, even a little you must have this, and if you don’t like them you should give them another chance and check this out, because it may turn you into a fan. This should be out in October which fits the horror movie themed record perfectly by being here in time for the greatest holiday of all, Halloween.

‘Midnight Movies’ This song sounds like it should be in some badass movie, it’s about going downtown to catch the goretastic midnight movies. Makes me want to go watch a bunch right now.
‘No Way Home’ Under a minute doesn’t mean the song isn’t great. Ever wanted to be in a movie or TV? Night Birds do!
‘Bad Biology’ Underground filmmaker Frank Henenlotter and underground rapper R.A. The Rugged man teamed up to make the movie Bad Biology. Night Birds blaze through the song version in under a minute and a half.
‘Triple Feature’ The wonderful murderous song of revenge and mad science, another quick in your face hit for the band of birds.

1. Midnight Movies
2. No Way Home
3. Bad Biology
4. Triple Feature

Get Midnight Movies from Amazon HERE

REVIEW: Superman Batman Apocalypse

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DC is back again with another animated movie, trying to continue their streak of great ones they go back to the Superman Batman combo. Over all this is pretty good. We’ve got a cameo by Krypto the dog, Batman’s actually got a couple lines that made me chuckle and we’ve got some Darkseid. But there are some dumb things in here too. Like an army of Doomsday monsters, which you’d think would be a giant problem. But na, not too much trouble, they get defeated pretty easily here. Or there’s Supergirl as a goth girl. Speaking of Supergirl that’s what the movie is based around, it’s basically an organ story for her. She crashes from space, Batman finds her, problems ensue as Batman doesn’t trust her (shocking I know) and she struggles to control her powers. Superman is all happy because there’s someone like him. The whole thing isn’t bad but it is pretty OK. Not that great, it’s somewhere around the Justice League and Green Lantern movies, pretty good not great. Until the last twenty minutes or so, there is a fucking awesome fight that goes down that just about redeems the yawn of the rest of the movie. Granted at the very end they pull it back to some pretty unlikable stuff, but before that you’re subjected to one of the best animated comic book fights in a long time. This one is pretty short only an hour and eighteen minutes but that’s about all I think you could take of a movie this caliber.

Get Superman/Batman: Apocalypse from Amazon HERE


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oct 1-columbus, oh @ Monster House w/ Iron Chic, Stymie, The Sidekicks

oct 2-louisville, ky @ Skull Alley w/ Brian Macy and the Broken Hearts Club, Brave Youth

oct 3-st. louis, mo EARLY SHOW 6pm @ Fubar w/ The Copyrights, Hot Atomics

oct 4-carbondale, il @ Lost Cross w/ Nocturnal Feeding

oct 5-oklahoma city, ok @ Bad Granny’s Bazaar w/ Stymie, The Needlepoints, Sleeper

oct 6-denton, tx @ House Show w/ Stymie, The Anchor

oct 7-austin, tx @ Trailer Space Records w/ Come and Take It, Capitalist Kids

oct 8-new orleans, la @ Hey Cafe w/ Delay

oct 9-tallahassee, fl @ The Farside w/ The Stillmen, End Times

oct 10-gainesville, fl @ Bo Diddley’s Old House w/ Rational Anthem

oct 11-athens, ga @ Flicker w/ Dead Dog, Cold Ones

oct 12-greenville, south carolina @ Suite 8

oct 13-nashville, tn


Releases Worth Getting September 28, 2010

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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
Get Him to the Greek
King Kong (original)
Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho
Alice Cooper – Theatre Of Death-Live At Hammersmith 2009
Swamp Thing: The Legend Continues

Video Games:
Dead Rising 2


Bad Religion: The Dissent of Man

REVIEW: NoBunny: Brace Face

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Do you know NoBunny? Douche Master Records does, that’s why they put out this new single from NoBunny. Featuring three songs and one of the oddest covers I’ve seen in a long time. NoBunny is like a great fusion of pop rock and garage rock that doesn’t sound as bad as you’d think. NoBunny sort of sounds like a dude grew up listening to poppy rock n roll from ages ago, then discovered garage bands and finally one day found AC/DC existed. Here are three great songs that you should be listening to right now.

‘Brace Face’ Super poppy low-fi rock. This song is catchy as fuck, it’d totally go on a mix tape for a girl.
‘It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake’ Another super catchy song, but this one is more early 60’s rock catchy than a total pop tune.
‘Your Mouth’ It sounds like some sort of disturbing kids song. Super creepy weird and fucked. I love it.

1. Brace Face
2. It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake
3. Your Mouth

Get Brace Face from Amazon HERE

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