DC is back again with another animated movie, trying to continue their streak of great ones they go back to the Superman Batman combo. Over all this is pretty good. We’ve got a cameo by Krypto the dog, Batman’s actually got a couple lines that made me chuckle and we’ve got some Darkseid. But there are some dumb things in here too. Like an army of Doomsday monsters, which you’d think would be a giant problem. But na, not too much trouble, they get defeated pretty easily here. Or there’s Supergirl as a goth girl. Speaking of Supergirl that’s what the movie is based around, it’s basically an organ story for her. She crashes from space, Batman finds her, problems ensue as Batman doesn’t trust her (shocking I know) and she struggles to control her powers. Superman is all happy because there’s someone like him. The whole thing isn’t bad but it is pretty OK. Not that great, it’s somewhere around the Justice League and Green Lantern movies, pretty good not great. Until the last twenty minutes or so, there is a fucking awesome fight that goes down that just about redeems the yawn of the rest of the movie. Granted at the very end they pull it back to some pretty unlikable stuff, but before that you’re subjected to one of the best animated comic book fights in a long time. This one is pretty short only an hour and eighteen minutes but that’s about all I think you could take of a movie this caliber.

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