Not long ago I started to get into Superchunk, it took a revisit, years ago I heard them and thought they were OK. The past six months or so I’ve been realizing that most of this stuff is actually pretty great, well I had pretty good timing, I got into it in time to appreciate the new single that came out not long ago and now the brand new album, out on Merge Records. Listening to it I start thinking ‘this is good’, ‘hey this is pretty good’, ‘damn this shit is really fucking good’. Right now I’m listening to the album and I’m so glad I went back to give them another try, this album is pretty fucking awesome. This is everything I want out of a punk rock pop album and more. It’s catchy, pleasant to listen to, poppy, depressing, soothing, it’s got it all! Things just got a lot more complicated in picking the top ten list of the year because this just made it for sure.

01. Digging for Something
02. My Gap Feels Weird
03. Rosemarie
04. Crossed Wires
05. Slow Drip
06. Fractures in Plaster
07. Learned to Surf
08. Winter Games
09. Rope Light
10. Hot Tubes
11. Everything at Once

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