REVIEW: The Nappies: Next Stop Styx

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Italian pop punkers The Nappies are here with their new album ‘Next Stop Styx’ out on Cheapskate Records. It’s fast, it’s catchy it’s horror themed, what more could you ask for? If you like fast pop punk and horror movie type songs The Nappies is right up your alley. And when I say fast here I mean fast, we’ve got nine songs and it’s all over in less than eighteen minutes, this album flies by, you’ll easily catch yourself listening to it multiple times just to get your fix. The whole album kind of reminds me of Lookout Records in the 90’s had been taken over by a horror movie.

‘Bubblegum Horror Party’ Kind of a cross between a 50’s bubblegum pop song and a current pop punk sound.
‘Creepy Moony Friday’ More of a 90’s pop punk sound to this song, even some wa-ooh’s throw in.
‘These Still Do’ Upbeat, catchy a real full sound, Maybe the best song on the album.
‘Barrage of Solitude’ Some Whoa’s in this song which is always a good thing.
‘To Virginia’ The punk part of pop punk really comes through in this song, but don’t worry, it’s still super MTX like poppy. Another one of the top songs on the album.
‘Dancing In Your Grave’ I love how the bass line seems to stand out a bit more in this one.
‘Black Sun’ Maybe the most ‘cookie cutter’ pop punk sounding song on the album, but the band totally kills it and owns the song. Maybe the second best song.
‘Still Waiting Godot’ Sort of reminds me of a Hextalls song, but ya know, not really.
‘River Styx’ A good short closer, leaves you wanting to hear more Nappies, which is exactly what I want to do.

1. Bubblegum Horror Party
2. Creepy Moony Friday
3. These Still Do
4. Barrage Of Solitude
5. To Virginia
6. Dancing In Your Grave
7. Black Sun
8. Still Waiting Godot
9. River Styx

Get Next Stop Styx from Amazon HERE

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