Do you like the Queers style of punk rock? If so turn your ear towards Italy for Colin Farrell. They’ve put out an album ‘Are Not Serious’ totally D.I.Y. style, and its good, and fast. Just how fast you want to know? Well the eleven songs that make up the album clock in at just over eleven minutes. But don’t be mistaken, this is no hardcore album, it’s just good fast punk.

‘Neil Aspinall’ Great opener, the first few seconds are really too low to hear but you quickly get over that, this song rules!
‘Eat Me’ This reminds me a lot of an Electric Eel Shock song, except less metal and more punk.
‘Pop Shove It My Heart’ Another great blazing fast punk song.
’15 Ways’ Thirty seconds, fifteen ways. There’s not much to this song but it’s still a lotta fun.
‘Marvel Movies’ This sums up how I feel about most of the movies Marvel makes. Good job, I couldn’t have said it better. (except Spider-Man)
‘Nobody Wants Your Rocknroll’ Another under a minute song, and a negative attitude to go with the rad song.
‘Faceless’ Even shorter than the previous, and still somehow even better. It’s even got some Whoa’s.
‘Silence’ Another song that short of reminds me of Electric Eel Shock, but still, the punk version.
‘Okay’ Shortest song on the album, that means it’s the fastest too, they still slide in some whoa’s and manage to make it great.
‘Zano Is A Gigolo’ This song sort of reminds me of old Bad Religion on speed.
‘Lillo Is On Cortisone’ Probably the most pop punk type song on the album, it’s also great.

1. Neil Aspinall
2. Eat Me
3. Pop Shove It My Heart
4. 15 Ways
5. Marvel Movies
6. Nobody Wants Your Rocknroll
7. Faceless
8. Silence
9. Okay
10. Zano Is A Gigolo
11. Lillo Is On Cortisone