Sugar and Spice (and Everythings Fucked) is the title of this Headies album, its twenty-two minutes, fourteen songs of fun punk rock. There’s no bad I can say about The Headies, it’s like rock’n’roll on speed with a sugar rush. There’s a lot of things out there you can go and listen to but some of them suck really bad, The Headies is the direction of good you want to head to. Even if you’re a busy person, it’s cool, they’ve got a lot of fast songs. It’s like the fastest fun party you’ve ever been to. This builds on what was laid down in their previous EP but continues to rock on making the whole affair even better than before. Make sure you don’t miss out on this album, because if you do, it’s your loss.

‘Gloss’ 60’s surf rock and Summertime Blues throw in a blender with some punk is a lot of what I hear in Gloss. A great fun song to start this out.
‘I Want A Drown’ This is my fucking favorite song, it’s got everything. Shooby-doo-wop’s, rock n roll, bongs, a sweet solo. So good!
‘Bible Belt Baby’ Apparently ‘bible belt babies don’t have to think’, a top quality song about, well, the bible belt.
‘Let’s Sit Around’ A super charged rock song about sitting around a contrast that I support. Also there’s mention of a cheeseburger.
‘Super Booty’ You might imagine what the song is about from the title.
‘When I Grown Up To Be A Man’ Shit, this was a surprise, a pretty awesome take on this Beach Boys song. Normally Beach Boys covers are awful due to the lack of the matching harmonies, but this rules.
‘Outerspace Shorty’ Space sex, it doesn’t get any better.
‘Jungle Girl’ The breakup/new girl song, but not you’re average one.
‘Got A Get On’ Sometimes you just need a fuck.
‘Don’t Mess With Cupid’ It’s smart not to fuck with cupid, here’s a rockin message about that.
‘I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys’ Girls suck sometimes and hanging out with the guys is almost always cool. Bitches.
‘Markle’ Here’s a sweet love song, ok well maybe not quite, but it doesn’t stop it from being a great catchy pop rock song.
‘Pepsifuckcheer’ I guess the rest of the album was too long for them, because this song is less than a minute. There’s still a lot of lyrics crammed in here but the song quality doesn’t suffer at all.
‘I Don’t Belive In Magic now’ Shortest song on the album. Closing it out with another great one that leaves you wanting more Headies.

1. Gloss
2. I Want A Drown
3. Bible Belt Baby
4. Let’s Sit Around
5. Super Booty
6. When I Grown Up To Be A Man
7. Outerspace Shorty
8. Jungle Girl
9. Got A Get On
10. Don’t Mess With Cupid
11. I’d Much Rather Be With The Boys
12. Markle
13. Pepsifuckcheer
14. I Don’t Belive In Magic now

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