Seven songs in just over fifteen minutes are what you get out of Pacer’s No. 1 a 10″ that’s out on Chunksaah Records. Coming from the UK the members have been in hardcore bands in the past, and it shows. But this is no hardcore band high energy punk is what keeps this going start to finish, we’ve got something good going here. Pacer walks that hard-line punk line somewhere in there between the harder era Descendents/Lifetime and bands like Latterman/Iron Chic. There’s a whole lot worse things you can do with your money besides buy this, do yourself a favor and throw your money at what’s good right here.

‘Circles Around A Square’ A good starter, not the best song on the album but it lets you know what to expect.
‘xGU16x’ A perfect follow up; one of the best songs on the album, this song has everything going for it and nothing bad.
‘Rediscovering The Telephone’ Even better than the last, this might be the best song.
‘Everythings Fine’ Picking things up faster speed, more punk and less pop in this one. The second best song around is what this is.
‘Pasternak’ Slowing things down after that high speed song. I don’t like this one as much as the others, but it’s still really good.
‘Lonely Critics’ Speeding things back up; this basically is a hardcore song, and a good one.
‘The Long Drop’ Closing it out is a punk song that’s something like a cross between Kid Dynamite and a good version of the Sex Pistols.

1. Circles Around A Square
2. xGU16x
3. Rediscovering The Telephone
4. Everythings Fine
5. Pasternak
6. Lonely Critics
7. The Long Drop

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