Cassette Deck are the guys putting out BUST!’s Suck Kuts, a punk album that’s got some balls on it. Ten songs coming in at just over eighteen minutes. I think Cassette Deck is the perfect place for this band to be, they’ve also put out stuff by the Brokedowns and Sass Dragons and if you like those bands BUST! is right up you’re alley. The album starts, ramps up and doesn’t let go until it’s done with you. You can get this on a 10″ record, and it’s a lot of sound packed into that ten inches of vinyl, the band has a full sound almost like you’re there and the vocals are plenty turned up to hear. There are some bad points however, I don’t think there is really a stand out song here. The whole album is sort of a middle of the road vibe. If you end up not liking this style of punk you’re really not going to enjoy this album at all because there’s very little change throughout, but on the flip side of that if you’re into this chances are you’ll think this is a great album. The album cover is another issue entirely, it basically creeps me out, and I’m not sure why.

1. The Whinery (Merlot Blow)
2. Who Wants to Fuck Bill Rogers?
3. Pear At Heart
4. High on Life, Drunk off Mouthwash
5. Push Ups
6. That Don’t Impressuh Me Much
7. Talk Nerdy To Me
8. First Bench
9. Unsmooth Moments
10. Sascrotch

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