DC hardcore is alive and kicking; one of the bands carrying the flag high is Coke Bust. They’ve been around about four years but their debut album Lines in the Sand came out in 2009. But now a year later the much improved CD version of that album is on. You know Coke Bust is for real because the album (both versions) is out on Six Weeks Records, and they generally don’t fuck around. The best thing about the CD version we have here is it includes so much more than just the album, it almost servers as a band discography. The first seventeen tracks are the ‘Lines in the Sand’ album, followed by a track from the ‘Short Fast and Loud 10″ compilation, after that the next six tracks are from the ‘Fuck Bar Culture’ 7″. And finally rounding out the last eight tracks is the band’s demo. This was my first time hearing the band’s 7″ but I was already very familiar with the demo and the album. The album, while being the weakest thing on here, is really good loud fast angry hardcore. It took a bit to grow on me, the first few times I didn’t like the album but after a revisit this is a great example of pissed off hardcore. The songs from ‘Fuck Bar Culture’ are really good, as is the ‘Short Fast and Loud’ track but I think they serve their best place in the middle because they’re the second best thing on here. The best thing on here, which makes owning this disc a real gem, is what I’ve always loved from this band, the demo material. Still the best stuff the band has released it’s just so goddamn good. Why most of this demo material hasn’t been included on an album or something yet is beyond me. But if you like hardcore you’d be a fool not to at least check this out; you get great hardcore material off of four releases from one of DC’s best going hardcore bands.

1. Under The Streetlights
2. Bullshit Copout
3. Prove You Right
4. New Blood
5. White Island
6. Countdown To Death
7. Your Hold
8. Spit Out
9. Lines In The Sand
10. Slave To Democracy
11. Leave Me Behind
12. No One To Impress
13. Division
14. Patriot
15. Forced To Live
16. Dying For Respect
17. Cycle Of Violence
18. Time Theft (Short Fast and Loud comp 10″)
19. Fumigation (Fuck Bar Culture 7″)
20. A Lot To Digest (Fuck Bar Culture 7″)
21. Figured Out (Fuck Bar Culture 7″k)
22. Fuck Bar Culture (Fuck Bar Culture 7″)
23. Privileged (Fuck Bar Culture 7″)
24. Because Of The Label (Fuck Bar Culture 7″)
25. My Disgust (Demo)
26. Power Junkies (Demo)
27. Shut Out (Demo)
28. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (Demo)
29. Source Of Misery (Demo)
30. Sick Of Routine (Demo)
31. No Middle Ground (Demo)
32. Slow Down (Demo)
33. It’s Time (Demo)

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