Good thrash seems few and far between, but luckily there a few bands holding it down for the people who remember when Slayer was good, or the guys still rocking the Whiplash vests. One of those bands is Lich King; here they are with another album, ‘World Gone Dead’ on Stormspell Records. Metal heads, find it, listen to it and enjoy knowing there is still true trash metal out there.

‘Intro’ The intro track, lots of low background noise opens the album, I didn’t think he track was playing right at first then an evil riff comes in and you know Lich King is back.

‘Act of War’ We’ve got about a minute of a shredding intro on this one until the song comes barraging down on you full force with the trash attack we’ve been needing.

‘ED-209′ You may know ED-209 from Robocop, and that’s exactly how this track starts out. Between the movie sample the song slowly creeps in, then arrives heavy and fast.

‘A Storm Of Swords’ Longest song on the album and that could due to the more deliberate delivery of the lyrics instead of your normal Tommy gun speed. That doesn’t mean this is a ballad by any means though.

‘Waste’ This reminds me a lot of a Municipal Waste song back before they sucked. It’s even called Waste!

‘Terror Consumes’ Here’s another song with balls, maybe the best one on the album. There’s no way you can like thrash and not like this song.

‘Grindwheel’ A fade in starts off this song, we’ve got heavier, slower guitar here but still good. I’m not a big fan of some of the vocal parts in this one though; it’s got a few hardcore band sounding parts. By far the weakest song on the album.

‘Behaver’ Back to what they do best, thrashing.

‘Aggressive Perfector’ Speed gets turned up; they even throw in a power scream. A close second for best song!

‘Lich King III (World Gone Dead)’ This almost but not quite self titled song has the best intro on the album, the song also has a little bit of a Municipal Waste feel to it, but only hints of it. It’s a great shred anthem to go out on.

  1. Intro
  2. Act of War
  3. ED-209
  4. A Storm Of Swords
  5. Waste
  6. Terror Consumes
  7. Grindwheel
  8. Behaver
  9. Aggressive Perfector
  10. Lich King III (World Gone Dead)

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