After calling it quits some years back the Gamits decided to return. And while sometimes bands comeback and just do a tour or something, the Gamits came at it full force with a new album and everything. Another thing some bands do when they come back and put out another album is they end up putting out a bad album; well that’s not the case here. We’ve got a really good album from the group, and I mean really good. This thing kicks some ass, its eleven songs of all the pop punk goodness that we’d expect from them, it’s a perfect pick up where their last album left off.

‘Falling Apart’ Perfect way to bring us back, it sounds like a song that would fit in right at home on their last album.
‘No One Cares Why Should I’ Another one that sounds a lot like their last album, this one even more so because it has a little more of that Green Day feel the band use to have.
‘The Shell’ Slightly harder than most of their songs but we still know the band.
‘The Still and the Lost’ A little mellowed out here, but catchy as hell, like Green Day and Jawbreaker had a seedy affair and came up with this song.
‘Delusional’ Up to this point this is the farthest thing from the Gamits on the album, it’s not unrecognizable, just ever so slightly different.
‘Love Suicidal’ A perfect song for the middle of the album, a solid tent pole of a song. Not the best thing on the album, not the worst, but damn good.
‘Amplifier’ Alt rock is more the flavor of this one, and as par for the course, another really good tune.
‘I’m Not Going Back’ This sounds a little more like the band’s older stuff, so there’s something for everybody.
‘The Well’ Again a little more old Gamits style, a slow intro in it that I really like too.
‘Broken Instrument’ Some power pop infused in this song, but totally a later style Gamits song.
‘Peninsula’ Different from everything else on the album, a total slow rocker, of course it is awesome. A great way to end the album. Hopefully it’s not the last new Gamits song, fingers crossed for many more.

1. Falling Apart
2. No One Cares Why Should I
3. The Shell
4. The Still and the Lost
5. Delusional
6. Love Suicidal
7. Amplifier
8. I’m Not Going Back
9. The Well
10. Broken Instrument
11. Peninsula

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