Deep Sleep has become one of my favorite Baltimore bands, and out of bands that are currently active they might be the best band in Baltimore (I think it’s between them and Sick Sick Birds). They’ve released three 7” records that get progressively better and better and one CD compilation that contains all three. Now they’re here with their first full length LP ‘Turn Me Off’, that quality progression that they had going with their string of EP’s continues on because this is their best stuff yet. Even somehow better than their last EP, which I still fucking love. The band, three of the best dudes playing in Baltimore, obviously worship the punk gods of the past (some of which mentioned below), the music really reflects that. It’s a great tribute to a lot of fucking awesome bands without ripping them off. While the lyrics spread across your unavoidable death, records, loss and the destruction of everything; while continuing to be fun as fuck to sing along to. I’m sure everyone at some point has felt like at least half of these songs at some point, if not all of them. This record is on a parallel brain wave I haven’t personally heard since the Descendents or The Ergs!. If you’re into Adolescents/ Descendents/ALL/Angry Samoans/Black Flag hell, if you like good ol’ punk rock, then you’ve got to get your hands on this record the first chance you get. This might just be a ten song album, but it will probably end up on the top albums of the year list. If you’re in the US Grave Mistake Records is putting this out, and the European release is going to be done by Taken By Surprise. Plus this record was also mastered by the great Stephen Egerton at Armstrong Recording, how fucking cool is that?

  1. Live Forever
  2. Turn Me Off
  3. Play Another
  4. Always Run
  5. Slow Down
  6. Be With You
  7. Destroy Everything
  8. Nothing Inside
  9. Head Spins
  10. Another Me

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