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REVIEW: The Transgressions/The Credentials Split

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Traffic Street Records has released another split, which means the punk world has something to get excited to listen to. This time it’s for great reason because it’s two of the label’s best bands on one record. First up is really in the top ranks of Traffic Street’s stable, the Transgressions with three songs of what they do, gritty slimy fun pop punk. After that we’ve got Credentials with two songs to follow up their great album that came out earlier this year. Five fucking songs that you’re straight up retarded if you don’t own. Both sides of this record are fucking killer, it’s really hard to say which one is better, but I think the Transgressions might slide in by a dirty hair. Although they do have the advantage of having an extra song. This split is easily one of the top five best things that the label has put out to date.

‘Baby, I Love You (But I Need Someone to Talk to About The Ramones)’ What’s a pop punk band without a song about the Ramones? The sing title is long as fuck, just saying it is about half the time of the song, but that’s ok because even being under a minutes it’s a great pop punk song.
‘Sleazeball’ I think this is my favorite song on the record, about being, well a sleazeball. Being a dirty motherfucker sounds pretty great in song form.
‘I Don’t Even Care Anymore’ A very close second for best song on the record. Fuck it, who cares? I’m just going to listen to this song instead of doing anything.
‘Mark Reznik Takes 30 Guys to Beat Contra’ Despite the title this doesn’t seem to be about Contra at all! But that’s ok because it’s a fucking fast fucking awesome punk rock song.
‘Nametags & Hairnets’ Life’s shitty sometimes, a lot of times but somehow you get through it. Growing into it or just not caring. Another great damn song from these guys, I hope they put out more tunes soon.

1. Baby, I Love You (But I Need Someone to Talk to About The Ramones)
2. Sleazeball
3. I Don’t Even Care Anymore
4. Mark Reznik Takes 30 Guys to Beat Contra
5. Nametags & Hairnets

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