Charm City Art Space – Baltimore, MD

October 13th, 2010

Not the best attended show I’ve ever been to but hey it happens. That just means a lot of motherfuckers missed out on a good time.

Nudes: Bands like this make me not hate hardcore, it reminds me there’s still good hardcore bands still around. They’re set was a lot of fun, will be seeking out more Nudes.

Teenage Softies: I got their demo I don’t know how long ago and I’ve always enjoyed it, I was wondering recently if they’re still a band. The answer is yes, not only are they still a band but they rule live. There were some problems with the vocal levels but that didn’t stop these guys from busting out a great show, they sound like they’ve gotten even better from when their demo was recorded too. I expect greater things to come from Teenage Softies.

Demoter: Another good hardcore band that’s still alive today. Maybe the weakest set of the show, but that doesn’t mean they were weak. New band, hopefully there’s much more because Demoter ruled too.

Dead Mechanical: I’ve seen Dead Mechanical like a thousand fucking times, most of them just this year, they never play a bad set and this one was no exception. Always a good time to see these guys.