Punk rock legends The Queers are back with their twelfth album, shifting away from the Beach Boys super pop sounds of their previous album, Munki Brain, they decided to go back to their old punk rock ways. Back to the Basement is the perfect name for this album, because the Queers try to capture that old mid-nineties sound. Did they succeed? Well almost, the album does sound pretty polished which may take away from that old down and dirty energy they were looking for. But aside from that it sounds like the Queers that angry teenagers have been listening to for years. The riffs are there, the lyrics are there, the attitude is there, but I just think it’s a little too polished. However don’t let that back you down; three out of four is good enough, this album sounds exactly like the Queers.

‘Rollerdog’ Basically a surf rock instrumental jam to start things out; it may fool some people thinking they were going to go right into Wimpy sounding Queers stuff.
‘Back To The Basement’ Your classic queers pop PUNK song. Very poppy but it’s no pop song. Think one of the more pop songs on ‘Don’t Back Down’.
‘Tit Fuck’ I don’t think I need to explain this; it sounds exactly how you think it does.
‘Outta My Skull’ This actually sounds a lot like a slow Ramones song.
‘Pull Me Out Of It’ I think you could slip this in on an old mid-nineties Queers album and no one would notice. They capture that old sound perfectly here.
‘Psychedelic Mindfuck’ They slide a little bit of that surf rock in on this one. Like a surf punk rock song.
‘I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp’ Like you might expect from the title, this is a fantastic punk rock song. It almost sounds like Joe is doing a Wimpy impression here.
‘I’m Pissed’ If there’s one song I could have had Wimpy sing on this album this would be it. It’s perfect for him.
‘White Minority’ Black Flag cover. A pretty good one.
‘Don’t Touch My Hat’ Sort of like ‘Back to the Basement’ a pop punk Queers song, even better than the previous one though.
‘Fucked In The Head’ Another one like ‘Pull Me Out Of It’, they get that old sound right here.
‘Everyday Girl’ A slow one, has that Ramones feel again.
‘Keep It Punk’ Closing it out sounds like a song that could be done by the Queers or Mr. T Experience without a problem.

1. Rollerdog
2. Back To The Basement
3. Tit Fuck
4. Outta My Skull
5. Pull Me Out Of It
6. Psychedelic Mindfuck
7. I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp
8. I’m Pissed
9. White Minority
10. Don’t Touch My Hat
11. Fucked In The Head
12. Everyday Girl
13. Keep It Punk

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