Name: Toys That Kill
From: San Pedro, CA
Web Site:
Lifespan: 1999-Current
Genre: Punk
Best Release: Shanked
Control the Sun
The Citizen Abortion
EPs and Splits:
Razorcake Sister Series Vol. 1
Don’t Take My Clone
Fleshies/Toys That Kill split
Toys that Kill/Ragin Hormones
Todd Congelliere
Sean Cole
Jimmy Felix
Chachi Ferrara
From the ashes of F.Y.P. Todd C formed Toys That Kill. New members and a slightly different sound than the previous band yet still holding things together in a similar fashion. Toys That Kill are a little more polished than F.Y.P. was in a lot of ways it’s the next evolution of the group. They’ve put out a good number of 7”s and splits and have had three albums to date, each even better than the previous. If you enjoy some ridiculous punk rock than chances are Toys That Kill are just what you’re looking for.

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