Another awesome issue of Jerk Store is here again we’ve got a zine that’s about the perfect size, not a novel and not a pamphlet. At the back there are eight pages of those on point short reviews that I’m personally a fan of, and every one of them I totally agree with this time around. We’ve got a little more general content in this one, which I like. There’s some talk about what really goes into making this thing and why it is the way it is, and a take on accents. The wonderful reviews are back for this issue too, this time ones from Chilling Winston, The Arteries, Rumspringer, Grim Fandango and The Hextalls; who are now my new favorite Jerk Store interview. Also when I reviewed Jerk Store #6 I failed to mention the beautiful layout and pictures featured in it, which was a crime on my part. Issue 7 upholds the great layout that the previous issue had, even improving on it. It’s really easy on the eyes and makes the whole thing even more enjoyable to read. Jerk Store is a goddamn great zine; I will be eagerly awaiting issue eight.