It’s 2011 and the great albums are already rolling in, Redondo Beat is here with Meet Redondo Beat as the year’s first great record. It makes its way from Germany to us via Dionysus Records. Anyone that is a fan of 60’s and 70’s rock be prepared to be blown away. I listened to nothing but classic rock for years and years, not many people do that sound anymore, and those that do normally don’t pull it off that well. Redondo Beat does it masterfully, some of these songs are so much of a throwback I had to check and see if they were covers. From song one to song ten it’s a trip back in time to an amazing degree there’s not a song on this album that’s anything less than great. This is an album you old rock fans will be listening to many times over, I know I already have. I love this album so much. And added on top of the amazing music that comes in this album, the cover is pretty great too, art done by Damian Fulton.

‘The Sweetest Sound’ The album starts with this song, right out of the gate you can tell it’s going to be a good rock album but you don’t really get a grasp of what’s going on until the vocals come in. Once they do you’ll think you’ve found some lost 60’s era band. Killer song to start things out here, I can see this being performed on The Ed Sullivan Show.
‘The Spell I’m Under’ Under this song there’s music that’s very reminiscent of the intro to Del Shannon’s Runaway, this song starts off the right way and continues on. The melody is a little Runaway-ish too, but way more mellow and chill.
‘My Baby (Knows How To Have A Real Good Time)’ Hand claps and harmony backing vocals, you can almost feel like you’re hanging out at the malt shop. There’s a pretty Creedence Clearwater Revival like riff that gets a repeat in this song too, which is always welcome.
‘Break-A-Heart’ Back to a mellow song likethe second track. This has even more of a chill Three Dog Night/Motown quality to it.
‘Do You Wanna Have This Dance?’ This one kind of reminds me of a Dion tune, just that catchy teen rock that you can’t help to do anything else except love it.
‘Melina’ We’ve a few old intros combined on this combined with a classic melody, I was pretty sure this song was a cover the first few times I’d heard it. And as far as I’m concerned if you can slide a new song into a classic category that well you’re really doing something right.
‘Full Moon Child’ Here’s the other song on the album that I thought was a cover. I think this song even has a bit if Pure Prairie League in it.
‘Shoop Shoop’ This one seems to step back another decade as it’s more of a 50’s/60’s tune. You’ve got some sock hop tunes here, reminds me a bit of ‘At the Hop’.
‘Can’t Wait Until Saturday Night’ Here’s another one that sounds like a mix of about 3 or 4 songs. Parts of it really make me want to listen to the Temptations’ Shout.
‘I’ll Never Let You Go’ Closing out the album is by no surprise, another great song. A total Motown hit here. I can hear a little Rick Nelson too in this track.

1. The Sweetest Sound
2. The Spell I’m Under
3. My Baby (Knows How To Have A Real Good Time)
4. Break-A-Heart
5. Do You Wanna Have This Dance?
6. Melina
7. Full Moon Child
8. Shoop Shoop
9. Can’t Wait Until Saturday Night
10. I’ll Never Let You Go

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